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Healthcare financing in the future of work: digital nomadism, freelancing, and globalisation

Thursday 2 May 2024 09:39 CET | Editor: Vlad Macovei | Voice of the industry

The evolving work landscape demands innovative healthcare financing solutions to safeguard digital nomads and non-traditional workers, ensuring their safety and protection across varied workplaces.


Financing of healthcare for the future of work

The landscape of work is undergoing a profound transformation, marked by the rise of digital nomads and a shift toward non-traditional employment models. These changes not only redefine the way we work but also how healthcare is financed and accessed across the globe. For policymakers, healthcare providers, and financiers, understanding these trends is crucial in developing strategies that ensure sustainable healthcare financing for all workers, regardless of their employment model.

The evolving landscape of work

The digital era has ushered in a new wave of digital nomads - professionals who leverage technology to work remotely from anywhere in the world. This flexibility, while offering numerous lifestyle benefits, presents unique challenges in terms of accessing traditional employer-based healthcare benefits.

Similarly, the rise of freelance and gig economy workers reflects a broader shift towards non-traditional employment models. These workers often find themselves outside the protective umbrella of employer-sponsored healthcare, leading to gaps in coverage and access to care.

Recent developments in health-related benefits underscore a progressive acknowledgment of comprehensive health needs. Notably, coverage for weight loss surgery has increased to 28%, indicating a heightened awareness of obesity's significant health impacts. Furthermore, mental health's critical role in overall well-being is now more widely recognised by employers, with 19% offering designated paid mental health days, distinct from traditional sick leave. In addition, the provision of paid travel expenses for medical care marks a novel benefit, with 11% of employers now reimbursing employees for domestic travel expenses incurred in the pursuit of medical treatment. These changes reflect a commitment to addressing the diverse health needs of employees, showcasing an understanding of the evolving landscape of health care benefits.

Innovations in healthcare financing models

To cater to the changing workforce, innovative travel are emerging. These include portable benefits that are not tied to a single employer and can move with a worker from job to job, offering continuity in healthcare coverage. Subscription-based healthcare models are also gaining traction, providing freelancers and digital nomads with flexible, yet comprehensive health services.

Technology plays a pivotal role in enabling these models, offering platforms that facilitate enrollment, payment, and management of healthcare services. Through apps and online services, workers can access telemedicine, schedule appointments, and manage their healthcare financing with ease, regardless of their location.

The role of globalisation in healthcare

Healthcare is increasingly globalised, mirroring the global nature of today’s workforce. This globalisation necessitates a re-evaluation of traditional healthcare financing and insurance models. For digital nomads and workers engaged in cross-border projects, the concept of location-bound health insurance is becoming obsolete.

The divide between socialised medicine and private insurance is also under scrutiny. In a globalised work environment, there's a growing need for healthcare financing solutions that offer flexibility and are universally applicable, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Challenges and opportunities

Policymakers, healthcare providers, and employers are at the crux of addressing the challenges posed by the future of work. Ensuring sustainable healthcare financing requires innovative thinking and cooperation across sectors. Policies must adapt to support portable health benefits, and healthcare providers need to embrace technology to reach a dispersed workforce.

There are significant opportunities in this transition as well. The demand for flexible healthcare financing solutions opens doors for entrepreneurs and innovators in the health and insurance industries. By catering to a global workforce, healthcare financiers can tap into new markets and drive forward the evolution of healthcare insurance.

Employers increasingly recognise the significance of benefits in attracting talent, a critical strategy in today's employee-centric labour market. It's incumbent upon employers to devise an effective mix of incentives to attract, engage, and retain top-tier talent, all while managing budgetary constraints and meeting the varied needs of their workforce. This challenge becomes even more pronounced against the backdrop of challenging economic conditions. Employers must navigate these complexities with precision and care, ensuring their offerings align with both organisational goals and employee expectations.

The future of work demands a reimagined approach to healthcare financing, one that is adaptable, inclusive, and attuned to the needs of a global and digital workforce. For digital nomads, gig workers, and all forms of non-traditional employment, the accessibility of affordable healthcare is a critical determinant of their quality of life and work.

Policymakers, healthcare providers, and employers must collaborate to build systems that not only address the current gaps in healthcare financing but are robust enough to adapt to the continuous evolution of the workforce. The challenges are manifold, but so are the opportunities to redefine healthcare for the future of work, ensuring it remains a fundamental right accessible to all, regardless of where or how they choose to work.

'Your employees might be scattered across diverse geographies, but their security remains unified under the vigilant watch of comprehensive insurance. If you’re a digital nomad, a remote worker, or a company on the cusp of adopting a revolutionary workplace model, it’s time to turn the page to a chapter where duty of care is no longer a footnote, but a headline' highlights Andrew Jernigan, CEO of Insured Nomads. 

Insured Nomads stands ready to address this dialog. With our fingers poised on the pulse of global workforce trends, we’re here to traverse the terrains of insurance and well-being. Are you curious how we tailor peace of mind for your teams across the globe? Reach out to us.

About Andrew Jernigan

Andrew stands dead center at the intersection of insurance and wellbeing innovation, building a delivery model for medical insurance that will serve as the standard for the future of living. His early adoption of expatriate/nomadic life, has provided him with the unique experiences and perspective to break boundaries through the merging of technology with humanity. 


About Insured Nomads

Established in 2020, Insured Nomads has become an award winning, insurtech/traveltech provider of international health, medical and travel insurance, assistance services, and travel risk management memberships. Operating from the start as a fully remote and globally distributed company they serve the modern company with health insurance solutions, international eductional and humanitarian organisations, and the banking, travel and hospitality industry with custom built and embedded solutions for affinity partners. The commitment to protecting people goes beyond the policy and the member with the business as a mission, social impact purpose for protecting those vulnerable and exploited in human trafficking and modern day slavery. 

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