Harnessing The Power of Fraud Decisioning and Orchestration

organized on 21 June 2022 | 16:30 CET

Watch our on-demand webinar with Ping Identity for a discussion of fraud decisioning and orchestration, and how fraud teams can use their existing fraud tools to their full potential and improve their approach to automated fraud mitigation.

The average organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud, and a chargeback costs about 3x the amount of the initial transaction to resolve. Most online businesses today use multiple sources of risk signals, many of which come into play at different points throughout the customer journey. The challenge is making those signals work together to make better mitigation decisions, targeting suspicious users without disrupting legitimate ones.

Fraud decisioning and orchestration hubs provide a solution to this challenge by centralizing fraud decisioning, ingesting signals from a variety of sources and vendors and turning those signals into real-time mitigation decisions.



  • The additive nature of fraud prevention and its impact on internal fraud teams
  • The key role of fraud decisioning tools as the bridge between detection and mitigation
  • The benefits of a centralized fraud decisioning and orchestration approach
  • How to integrate fraud prevention into the broader customer journey without negatively impacting legitimate users
  • Get answers to your pressing questions in a live Q&A session with our online fraud experts
  • Learn how your peers are tackling the fraud prevention challenge
  • Gain access to unique insights about new developments in fraud prevention
Keywords: Fraud decisioning, payments orchestration, fraud prevention, fraud mitigation
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