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Leading the charge: sculpting the future of secure digital transactions with choreography architecture

Wednesday 7 June 2023 10:32 CET | Editor: Alin Popa | Voice of the industry

Saioa Echebarria, CEO and Co-founder of TrustCloud, shares more on how we can transform the future of secure digital transactions with choreography architecture.

Choreography has finally arrived

In this almost breakneck fast-paced digital world, where the newest novelty technology wears off fleetingly, a revolutionary concept is gaining genuine industrial momentum – Choreography Architecture. Its roots trace back to conventional practices like digital identity management and distributed systems integration, yet it is only in the past year that its newfound potential has reached adolescence and has sparked considerable interest and exploration from industry analysts and digital transformation leaders.

Choreography – a dance of decentralised, cooperative coordination between services in a distributed setting, veers away from the familiar orchestration method's central control approach. Unlike orchestrators, who conduct the movements of various components, choreography encourages independent, collaborative interaction among elements, governed by a pre-set rulebook. The essence of choreography lies in its focus on communication and self-governance of microservices, either initiating events or storing them in a ‘mailbox’ for other microservices to access. This offers enhanced flexibility, scalability, and agility, making it an appealing strategy for today's progressive businesses.

With enterprises striving to discover effective, adaptable solutions for managing user identity and executing secure digital transactions, this revolutionary approach emerges as the architect’s greatest tool yet. However, the journey towards the next leap in these alternatives is not necessarily linear. Instead, it is shaped by industry innovations and trends that suggest promising avenues.

TrustCloud evolves into the first Transactional Choreographer

TrustCloud has bravely evolved to become the world's first choreographer of secure digital transactions. At TrustCloud, we have recognised, seized, and experimented with the opportunities that choreography offers, especially its agility, flexibility, and technological neutrality, which are vital for executing secure, trust-based digital transactions.

Our platform's growth mirrors our clients' digital and process transformation strategies, concentrating on several key areas without losing sight of their individual significance and unique needs.

Choreography's approach to digital transactions has already proven its mettle, showing remarkable efficiency and security in managing large-scale applications – appropriate for our globally operating banks. Our transactional service orchestration enables seamless communication between various modules. But the decentralised nature (the architectural approach we committed to since its inception) of TrustCloud's choreographed modules offers unprecedented flexibility and adaptability in transaction management. The key characteristic of this system is its decentralisation as opposed to one centralised orchestrator limiting its future potential possibilities. 

We are streamlining service integration for our clients through a unified API, a single SLA, and global compliance. Our platform expertly manages identity and authentication, video identification, electronic signatures, and digital asset custody, while providing qualified preservation. We are alleviating our clients' burden of proof, thanks to our recognition as a Qualified Trust Service Provider by the European Union, all under one comprehensive SaaS solution.

TrustCloud Choreography is revolutionising digital transactions

Our strategic merger with Branddocs (a leading end-to-end digital identity solution provider) has thrust us into the unique position of being the world's first choreographer of secure digital transactions. A symbiotic marriage between human-centric digital identity transaction services built on security, efficiency and absolute trust and ubiquitous vendor-agnostic global architecture.

Fig1. TrustCloud end-to-end digital transactional solution modules

Our daily pursuit of refining the choreographic architecture, investigating its endless use cases, and identifying new digital business needs amongst our innovative clients proves our pioneering vision and commitment to realising possibilities.

Our dedication to this agile and secure platform is steadfast, as it propels the digital transformation of global corporations and fast-growing startups, safeguarding their users at every step and building trusting moments that last.

A handful of the limitless use cases of Choreography 

TrustCloud's range of use cases continues to expand alongside our clients' evolving business requirements. Our flagship use case is Consumer Onboarding, where TrustCloud streamlines the process of incorporating new consumers through secure and highly efficient video identification that adheres to the highest regulatory standards across different regions. Unlike our competitors, we have maintained an impeccable track record of never being hacked, thanks to several multi-faceted layers of security technologies and penetration testing. This level of industrial commitment to efficiency is the reason why we can open new digital bank accounts for consumers in under 10 minutes.

Another important use case is Company Onboarding, which leverages VideoID and choreography of additional services and modules, such as document verification, biometric analysis, NFC, and MRZ. This enables companies to efficiently manage identity verification for their clients, especially in industries like finance where secure relationships and regulatory compliance are paramount.

The growing trend of IoT-related transactions constitutes another area of exploration for TrustCloud. The vast possibilities offered by IoT present exciting opportunities for our choreographer to drive social change. In processes where traceability is crucial, the ability for services and devices to exchange information completely transforms the game. Our choreographic platform enables monitoring and evidence collection during the manufacturing process of objects, such as automobiles, industrial machinery, and large public or private facilities. This ensures the integrity and safety of manufactured products, certifies the integrity of their lifecycle, and detects errors by recording any alterations and storing specific evidence in our TrustCloud Vault qualified custody module.

With Artificial Intelligence capabilities (which is now of course exploding in the mainstream), one potential use case is that we can now facilitate the development of Auto-Choreography trajectories and intelligence aggregation to further augment the Trust Score for each transaction. 

In conclusion, our mission to be the world's first choreographer of secure digital transactions stems from our unwavering belief and technical adoption of a decentralised, flexible, and agile approach to architecture. We recognise its potential to reshape the digital transaction landscape by providing robust security, access to unexplored territories and new benchmarks in efficiency. As pioneers, we're eager to lead the change and sculpt the future of digital transactions and we’re excited to see what innovative heights our digital transformation leaders will reach. 

Fig2. Capabilities of the TrustCloud Choreography Platform

About Saioa Echebarria

Saioa is the CEO and Co-founder of TrustCloud, a pioneer in secure digital transaction choreography, that is reshaping the future of digital identity with the principles of empowering individuals with self-sovereignty and choice, re-establishing genuine trust between customers and suppliers and cultivating digital transformation and innovation.



About TrustCloud 

TrustCloud is a secure digital transaction choreographer (SDTC) providing the complete suite of digital identity solutions that include an industry leading VideoID platform, end-to-end identity verification and AML services, a next-gen KYX module, biometric authentication and authorisation, encryption, e-signature, e-vaulting and e-archiving. 

Combined with a human-centric approach to customer onboarding, a truly vendor agnostic architecture and the most certifications for a global Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), enables TrustCloud to empower some of the world’s most trusted banks, financial institutions, governments, and leading consumer brands to achieve regulatory compliance, develop innovative customer offerings, and deliver assured and trusted end-user experience.

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