Who's Who in Payments Report 2022

Report, published: May 2022

The Who’s Who in Payments Report 2022 presents the market overview and analysis of key payment providers in the B2B and B2C commerce payment ecosystem.

The report analyses high-rising trends, M&A activity and investments, startups to watch, and includes expert views on payments strategies that stakeholders should look into, key learnings from partnerships signed over the last year, along with detailed accounts of all the relevant capabilities and distinguishing portfolios of players activating in this space.

The third edition of the report covers in granular detail topics that are of core-interest for merchants, payments professionals, and beyond – alternative operating models such as Banking-as-a-Service, the new role of A2A payments in ecommerce, Buy Now, Pay Later and its unprecedented stake in the market, a new understanding of the potential of crypto, and many more – and offers the most updated data on important mergers, acquisitions, investments, and strategic partnerships in the ecommerce payments space. 

The Paypers aims to offer a balanced mix of educational content, think-pieces on strategies and analyses on the B2B and B2C ecommerce payments ecosystem, all rounded with raw data on the most relevant players in the field in order to encourage growth and upkeep customer loyalty and engagement for payment facilitators, technology vendors, and their merchant clients.

Download the report to gain insights into the following key points:

What you need to be in the know

  • A full overview of 2022’s payments ecosystem, including relevant players, trends, and perspectives (Flagship Advisory Partners)

  • A detailed account of new entrants in B2B payments (Edgar, Dunn & Company)

  • A comprehensive analysis of all the notable mergers, acquisitions, and investments in the sector redacted by The Paypers, complemented by an illustrative infographic detailing the strategic and financial buys and investments in the payments industry 2021-2022

  • An expert look ‘beyond market volatility’ and into translating last year’s M&A stories into future strategies (Arma Partners)

Startups to watch

  • Startups to Watch in 2022 – The Paypers’ overview of relevant startups that made a mark in the industry over the past year 
Brief interviews with startups:
  • Interview with James Neville | CEO and Co-Founder of Citizen

  • Interview with Stefan Schneider | Co-founder of COINQVEST

  • Interview with Eliad Saporta | Managing Director of Coriunder

  • Interview with Frank Breuss | CEO/Co-Founder of Nikulipe

  • Interview with Kirk Donohoe | Co-Founder of WhenThen

Lessons From the Industry: Costs, Strategies, and Partnerships
  • A niched view into the checkout process by CMSPI

  • A detailed rundown of key partnerships in ecommerce payments (Q4 2021 – Q1 2022) by The Paypers

An extensive second part of the report is dedicated to cataloguing the ecommerce payments ecosystem through its collection of company profiles, which details the most relevant features of their portfolio. We complemented this section with an engaging ecosystem mapping, extracting pivotal data from the company profiles and placing them in such a way that the featured companies can be compared and contrasted at a glance. 

Lastly, the Who’s Who in Payments Report 2022 contains an insightful infographic of key companies in the B2B and B2C commerce payments, categorised by four major service provider types (Payment Gateway; Payment Service Provider – Acquirer; Payments and Financial Infrastructure, and Cryptocurrency Payments solution). 

Endorsement partners 

The Who’s Who in Payments Report 2021 is endorsed by Flagship Advisory Partners, a boutique consultancy and M&A advisory firm focused on payments, which provides strategy, delivery, and M&A support to financial institutions, PSPs, fintechs, technology providers, brands, and investors. Our key media partner is Merchant Payments Ecosystem, Europe's largest merchant payments conference.

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Published 20 May 2022
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