Who Are the Main Actors of the Crypto Payment Chain

Report, published: April 2023

The Paypers’ mini-report, Who Are the Main Actors of the Crypto Payment Chain, provides a comprehensive overview of the players shaping the industry, from custody solutions to DeFi protocols and regulated financial institutions. 

This report is part of The Paypers’ larger report, How to Tap into Crypto Payments and Web 3.0 for Banks, Merchants, and PSPs, which underscores the significant potential for financial services that crypto technology offers, including faster, cheaper, more transparent, fairer, and more inclusive payment systems.

The report aims to serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the basics of crypto payments and their long-term impact. The report accomplishes this goal by providing a glossary of crypto terms and concepts, practical examples of cryptocurrency-enabled ecommerce and banking services, and the latest developments in the regulatory landscape. 

Additionally, Who Are the Main Actors of the Crypto Payment Chain reveals the most innovative companies in the crypto space that are building the next payment rails, or crypto rails.

The report focuses on several categories of solution providers within the crypto payments ecosystem, including crypto rails, crypto-native PSPs, non-crypto-native PSPs, crypto card issuers, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, decentralized exchanges, custody providers, money transfer companies, borrowing and lending platforms, DeFi protocols, regulated financial institutions offering crypto products and services, and providers of KYC/AML and fraud prevention services.

The list is based on The Paypers’ research, which aims to map as many crypto players as possible that enable the quick movement of funds. 

It is not exhaustive and is open to being enriched. The report invites feedback from readers and welcomes suggestions for relevant players to include in future editions. Feedback can be sent to or


Research Type Overview
Published 28 Apr 2023
Pages 11
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Editions Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud