The Global Overview of Payments Providers 2023

Report, published: June 2023

The Global Overview of Payments Providers 2023 – Key Actors and Trends Shaping the B2B and B2C Ecommerce Payments Industry is the most recent market analysis of key payment providers in the B2B and B2C commerce payments ecosystem.

The report examines key industry trends, investment patterns, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships established in the past months, along with promising startups to watch. It also features insightful perspectives on payment strategies that stakeholders should consider and comprehensive profiles of key players in this field, outlining their distinct capabilities and portfolios.

We constructed the fourth edition of the report following a balanced mix of educational content, think-pieces on strategies, and analyses on the B2B and B2C ecommerce payments ecosystem, all rounded with raw data on the most relevant players in the field. Our goal, with this report, started and built itself on arming payment facilitators and merchants with everything they need to know about their peers and potential clients, so as to make informed decisions and learn how to grow and succeed year by year in this ever-fluctuating market.


Report highlights

Read the report to gain insights into the following key points:

What you need to be in the know

  • A full overview of 2023’s payments ecosystem, including relevant players, trends, and perspectives (Flagship Advisory Partners)
  • An exploration of the key trends we see today in payments M&A and a forecast for the rest of 2023 (Edgar, Dunn & Company)

  • An infographic detailing the strategic and financial buys in the payments industry in Q4 2022 and Q2 2023

  • An analysis of the investment space highlighting the importance of seamless and frictionless transactions in building future value (Augmentum Fintech)

  • An illustrative infographic with the main strategic investments in the payments industry in Q4 2022 and Q2 2023 

  • An overview of the most notable partnerships and product innovations in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 (The Paypers

Startups to watch

  • An analysis of the startups that are redefining the payments space in 2023, with an emphasis on their unique value propositions and the key developments they are spearheading (Plug and Play)
  • An infographic of relevant startups to watch in 2023 – categories included: SMB tech, e-wallets, Open Banking, B2B payments, decentralised finance, and finance in the metaverse 

Lessons from the industry: costs, strategies, and partnerships

  • An editorial piece on how fintech has evolved so far and where its future might lie (Banking Circle)
  • An expert opinion on core aspects for payment strategy in 2023, including new regulations, governance and risk management, economic forecasts, and much more (Allyiz)

  • An insightful piece on the top priorities merchants need to consider when choosing the right payments partners (CMSPI)

An extensive second part of the report is dedicated to cataloguing this ecosystem through its collection of industry company profiles, which detail the most relevant features of their portfolio. We complemented this section with an engaging ecosystem mapping – extracting pivotal data from the company profiles and placing them in such a way that the featured companies can be compared and contrasted at a glance – and an infographic of key payment providers in B2B and B2C commerce

Endorsement partners 

The headline sponsor for The Global Overview of Payments Providers 2023 is our trusted partner Banking Circle. The report is endorsed by Flagship Advisory Partners, a boutique consultancy and M&A advisory firm focused on payments, which provides strategy, delivery, and M&A support to financial institutions, PSPs, fintechs, technology providers, brands, and investors. Our key media partner is Merchant Payments Ecosystem, Europe's largest merchant payments conference.

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