Payment Methods Report 2023

Report, published: September 2023

The 8th edition of the Payment Methods Report provides an in-depth overview of the latest worldwide developments in how people pay, the innovative technologies behind payment methods, as well as best practices for checkout optimisation and customer conversion. 

In a highly digitalised world, merchants, payment method providers, PSPs, fintechs, and other industry players push innovation forward to provide enhanced customer experience, seamless checkout, and a frictionless shopping process – both online and in store. The key trends that defined ecommerce and the payment space in the past few years – among which convenience, speed, and security – continue to be at the core of payment developments, driving competitivity and growth.

Report highlights 

Payment methods in focus 

The report starts with a global overview of the latest trends in the payment methods space in 2023 and future developments – presented by Juniper Research and Payments Consulting Network. The payment methods in focus are:
  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Edgar, Dunn & Company; Euromonitor International; Hokodo; Ratepay; Tinka; Partelya Consulting;

  • Account-to-account and instant payments: Discover Global Network; European Payments Council; Link Money; Worldline;

  • E-wallets and mobile payments: DIMOCO Payments; Edgar, Dunn & Company; Kapronasia;

  • Debit and credit cards: CMSPI; myPOS;

  • Crypto payments: MRC.

 Global overviews/infographics 

  • Buy Now, Pay Later – Considering the size of the market and the multiple BNPL providers worldwide, we have set out to present an accurate global picture of the players in this space, mapped by target groups – B2B and B2C – and by country in the following regions: the Americas, Asia–Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA);

  • Account-to-account payments – In this section of the report, we feature an updated overview with representatives of this surging type of payment and the regions where they are available, conveniently divided between local A2A schemes and methods leveraging Open Banking.

Merchants perspective 

We have interviewed merchants from various verticals – retail, gaming, travel, gig economy – on the best practices when implementing new payment methods and optimising the checkout experience, the main challenges and benefits of doing so, and how Gen Z and millennials will help shape the future of online payments. Seasoned leaders and industry experts from Fiverr, Gameforge,, OnBuy, and Vestiaire Collective share insights in a bid to further support peer-to-peer knowledge and provide our readers with an in-depth view of the merchants' payment strategies.

Other highlights

  • Latest updates in payment habits: Accenture; Unlimit; Nuvei; Finance Incorporated Limited; Riverty; Payments Canada;

  • Innovation in payments technology: Payments Consulting Network; PSE Consulting;

  • Checkout optimisation – improving conversion and retention rates: FlexCharge; Redbridge Debt and Treasury Advisory; Payment Options;

  • Company profiles: this section features key players in the global online payment market, including APMs and PSPs, with their capabilities. In addition, companies will also be included in our comprehensive company database, giving readers unprecedented access to stakeholders in global industries.

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Published 25 Sep 2023
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