Payment Methods Report 2018 – Innovations in the Way We Pay

Report, published: July 2018

The Payment Methods Report 2018 is a comprehensive resource depicting the key trends and developments in payments methods

The Payment Methods Report 2018 presents the key trends and developments in global and regional payment methods by highlighting the innovation, challenges, and developments in the use of the most important payment methods across geographies and verticals. It emphasises customer preferences per region/industry and highlights best practices from both merchants and PSPs in illustrating the right payment mix.

The report also presents a summary of the evolution of payment methods and the way it has shaped the payments landscape today. The current edition also includes a comprehensive list of payment methods, as well as an infographic mapping them. In this edition, we also tried to understand which verticals and regions are more open to innovation. Several regions and verticals are examined by experts in their field, who offer an in-depth discussion of specific situations to give a clear image of how people pay.

How people pay in different geographies and verticals

We found it necessary to investigate some of the most important markets worldwide and to provide an overview and data related to the way people pay. For each selected country, we presented details related to some ecommerce data, the preferred payments methods and some of the best-known alternative payments methods. In addition, we also took a deep dive into the ecosystem of e-wallets, the dedicated section incorporating research in an exclusive infographic of e-wallets mapping the 61 most prominent e-wallets today on several functionalities.

Insights into payment methods and preferences across the globe

The reports thought leadership section brings together editorials from leading experts in the payments industry. Dean Wallace from ACI Worldwide presents the benefits of real-time payments for merchants, debating upon one of the hottest topics in the payments ecosystem at the moment, as both banks and merchants look to match their services to customer demand and expectations. Pay later solutions and online banking payments are looked at from a consumer and cross-border ecommerce perspective respectively, Luke Griffiths from Klarna and Luke Flomo from Trustly providing their expert views regarding these topics. Ralf Ohlhausen from PPRO sheds light on how to build the ideal payment mix for global businesses by laying out a plan for any merchant to gain success on a global scale. Abhishek Banerjee and Rossini Zumwalt from Emergent Payments point out the opportunities in the emerging markets (Africa, LATAM, India, and Southeast Asia).

Moving to verticals, Samuel Barret from Trustlys gaming division elucidates the challenges and opportunities in online gaming, exemplifying ways to deal with some of the most demanding payments requests from gamers. When it comes to payment solutions, Jeroen Dekker from AcceptEasy explains what does an ideal solution for relationship payments in Europe looks like, by presenting what it means to minimise the payments hassle for B2C customers. Wallets are also present in the report: Karen Pepper from Amazon Pay explains why voice can be perceived as the new frontier in commerce, while Mounir Mouawad from Google Pay presents the benefits of using Google Pay for merchants.

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