Open Banking - Global State of Play White Paper

Report, published: May 2020

Individual white paper containing all the latest updates to the Open Banking Global State of Play. Research conducted by The Paypers and Innopay


From all over the world, banks are pioneering Open Banking, and markets are starting to organise themselves and deploy Open Banking activities, as shown in the last year edition of our Open Banking Report.

INNOPAY and The Paypers have reviewed legislations, regulatory standards, reports and analyses produced by regulators, industry, bodies and experts involved in Open Banking, to form an understanding of where markets are heading and the key elements of a thriving Open Banking regime. There are eight building blocks we considered pivotal in any Open Banking regime and play a key role for Open Banking to thrive - Initiator, Applicability, Standardisation, Scope of services, Timelines, Commercial model, Security and Accessibility, and Third-party licencing. 

Based on the model of eight building blocks, the white paper highlights key differences per ecosystem and provides insights, findings, and learnings about the key differences in the current Open Banking state of play per region, best practices identified across the different building blocks, and the strategic considerations for regulators, banks, and third parties.

Geographies researched include: Europe, UK, Australia, United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, and New Zealand.

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Research Type Overview
Published 04 May 2020
Pages 16
File Type PDF
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Geographic Scope    World
Editions Online & Mobile Banking