Marketplaces & Platforms – Getting Payments Right

Report, published: May 2021

The eBook provides an overview of the main challenges and opportunities that might arise when selling and buying via online marketplaces, with the aim of helping the parties involved succeed. 

If we think about the business models of the future, the online marketplace is the front runner of today, especially considering the cross-border trade explosion happening as a result of globalisation. That is why merchants, marketplaces, and PSPs alike must understand online shopping behaviours and preferences, know why it is important to enable a smooth customer experience, and ultimately adapt to cross-border commerce in order to thrive. 

The Marketplaces & Platforms – Getting Payments Right eBook is extremely relevant for all the players in this space that want to gain a comprehensive view of this successful business model, and the contributions encompassed aim to reveal sharp insights when it comes to: 

  • the key marketplace developments (presented by Limonetik and Be | Shaping the Future); 

  • the main pointers on how to set up a marketplace (provided by Syrtals and Limonetik); 

  • the voice of the industry (via two interviews with Deliveroo and Marketplace Risk). 

Aiming to provide a complete overview, all while considering the diversity of this ecosystem, the eBook concludes with a global mapping of marketplaces. This overview is based upon a research conducted by The Paypers and initially published in the Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2020-2021, further customised for the Marketplaces & Platforms – Getting Payments Right eBook. Within it, we analysed some of the main regional and global marketplaces and grouped them based on three criteria – geographical spread, the field in which they operate, the target market that they address – so that our readers get a better understanding of the diverse players from all over the globe. 

We invite you to explore the perspectives encompassed within the eBook, a must-read for marketplaces, PSPs, retailers, and other players in this space who wish to be well informed and always a step ahead!


Research Type Overview
Published 26 May 2021
Pages 38
File Type PDF
Size 4376kb
Geographic Scope    World
Editions Ecommerce