Infographic on Fraud Management, Authentication and End-Point Protection: Glossary and Ecosystem explained

Report, published: June 2017

The fraud prevention and online authentication industries are evolving remarkably, but so does the fraud landscape. The security threats target the online business environment, especially the ecommerce and financial services sectors. Hence, companies need to know what to look out for and they need a comprehensive overview of the current security-based products and services on the market, with new and top players competing for the upper hand.

For this reason, we have taken the bold initiative, together with Innopay, to create an explanatory infographic including different solution providers in the ecosystem of Fraud Management, Online Authentication, End-point protection. We have identified three core categories in scope of our publication:

  • Fraud Management (fraud detection, intelligence, case management, recovery, guaranteed fraud prevention)

  • Online Authentication (Identity and Access Management, Authentication means, onboarding and identification, identity service providers, integrators)

  • End Point Protection (hardening, detection monitoring, sandbox, anti-virus, sensitive information protection)

To see the full infographic, please click here.

The infographic is part of the Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide 2016/2017




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Published 10 Jun 2017
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