Global mapping and infographic of key players in the fraud management industry

Report, published: April 2018

Given the diversity of solutions to improve payment methods and customer experience, companies also need a tailored solution to safeguard their business and implicitly, their clients’ data, transactions etc. For this reason, any company worth its salt should integrate a multi-layered fraud management program.

We believe that companies interested in deploying a suitable fraud prevention solution for their business need to have a wide range of choice. For this reason, we have created a comprehensive infographic accompanied by an explanatory industry mapping as a help in choosing a tailored approach. The fraud management is complemented by other services, such as online authentication and identity verification. There are also solution providers best known for their guaranteed fraud protection and specialized chargeback handling services, and therefore the two different sections are displayed separately.

The global industry mapping outlines the key players’ fact files per each core category as follows:

  • Fraud management: fraud detection, intelligence, case management, recovery, guaranteed fraud protection

  • Digital Identity Verification: ID verification, PII validation, email verification, additional checks

  • Online authentication: behavioural biometrics, physical biometrics, other means

The infographic is part of the Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide 2017/2018. The Guide is a complete overview of the fraud management, digital identity verification and authentication ecosystem provided by thought leaders in the industry from leading solution providers (both established and new players) to associations and experts.


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Published 18 Apr 2018
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