Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2021/2022

Report, published: November 2021

The Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2021/2022 is the ultimate source of knowledge that delves into the evolutionary trail of the payments fraud ecosystem, revealing the most effective security methods for businesses to win the battle against bad actors.

Looking at the current reality in the digital space, we can see that businesses need to find a way to go back down to the fraud rates level before COVID-19. For this reason, we invited notable experts – industry associations, top players, consultants, and merchants – to share their opinions on the changing face of old types of fraud, suggesting us any reliable strategy to overcome top threats such as account takeover, merchant-initiated fraud, BOPIS fraud, real-time payments fraud, identity fraud, and many more.

In seven comprehensive chapters, we are aiming to keep our readers informed regarding the exact cost and damage of fraud, the known and hybrid types of fraud, why the economics of cybercrime are always in favour of fraudsters when it comes to launching attacks, and how the pandemic created more vulnerabilities in different industries. We are also outlining a few tactics to stay ahead of fraudsters without losing customers or revenue, navigating through prevention strategies and adaptable detection models involving AI, behavioural biometrics, ML technologies, and reliable authentication tools in the PSD2/SCA era.

This year, our report highlights the following key topics: 

Trends in ecommerce fraud and useful methods to detect the surge in fraudulent activity 

Prominent experts from Arvato Financial Solutions, Arkose Labs, Callsign, Fraudio, J.P. Morgan, Merchant Risk Council, Neira Jones, Nethone, Ravelin, SAS Institute, Sift, Sontiq, Signifyd, and Wave Financial discuss which global fraud trends are emerging in the ecommerce industry and how businesses can overcome their challenges. 

We also created two special sections and new infographics:

  • The lay of the fraud land: Q&A session with merchants – big names in the merchant industry elaborate on the ecommerce fraud trends that influenced the space – Cornershop by Uber, Insparx, PIMVendors, Rappi, Shutterstock, Vestiaire Collective, and

  • Did you know? – a one-page educational infographic sequence, showcasing facts and figures on credential stuffing (Arkose Labs), ATO (Ping Identity), policy abuse and refund fraud (Ravelin), synthetic identity and message scams (Callsign), and BOPIS fraud (Arvato Financial Solutions and Sift)

How the fraud ecosystem looks

To better understand fraudsters’ motives, we asked Scott Augenbaum, Dispute Defence Consulting, Payment Operations Group, and ScamAdviser to analyse the impact left by the perpetual nature of fraud, as well as the ugly state of being a victim.

Identity fraud is still an issue, even when PSD2/SCA knocks on our door

CMSPI, ID Crowd, FBI and Global Data Consortium, Frozen Pii, Netcetera, Payment Systems Regulator, Tenet Compliance & Litigation, and Worldline debate that identity fraud is no longer a siloed issue practised only in one particular industry, and explain why improved KYC efficiency and staying compliant without increasing consumer friction are crucial for ecommerce businesses.

Who is who in fraud prevention and how they fight attacks in real time

The current security-based products on the market are presented by Allyiz, INTECO, Featurespace, Summit Partners, Real Random, and Vesta.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions infographic – shows an accurate picture of the most significant agreements signed so far.

  • Overview of key players’ core services in fraud prevention – industry players gain access to valuable information regarding the current security-based products and services on the market. 

Lastly, we display a Company profiles section, showcasing details regarding key fraud prevention players, their core solutions, business partners, technology, and many others. 

Endorsement partners

The Report is developed with support of Merchant Risk Council, the leading industry association focused on ecommerce payments and fraud. Our key media partner is Merchant Payment Ecosystem, the biggest conference and expo in Europe for merchant payments professionals.

We kindly invite you to join us, download your complimentary copy, and explore the pages of our Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!


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Published 17 Nov 2021
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