Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2020/2021

Report, published: November 2020

The Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2020/2021 pictures a comprehensive overview of the known and emerging fraud threats, new technologies, and changes in the commerce industry.

Via this edition, we aim to look at the current state of affairs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while depicting insights into fraud detection and risk management; methods to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning; and the impact of PSD2’s SCA

The pandemic situation has been challenging for many players operating in the payments space. We see a shift towards more and more transactions conducted on digital channels, and businesses need to accommodate to the new normal and facilitate frictionless journeys to their customers, while staying compliant with the upcoming regulations. However, the more transactions, the more online fraudulent acts. Account takeover, no-transaction fraud, merchant fraud, marketplace losses, or chargebacks continue to be some ways fraudsters use to defraud honest businesses. This Report tries to help our readers not only stay up to date with the latest fraud trends, but also to discover the best practices, strategies, and innovative tools to combat bad actors. Notions like AI-based intelligence verification and authentication, automation, explainable machine learning, or the fraud proof of concept are just a few aspects debated by our collaborators.To portrait the current hot topics, we have asked thought leaders and experts to offer their opinions regarding the following aspects:
  • How COVID-19 has influenced the ecommerce ecosystem and the fraud space alike: Entersekt, EPA, The Fraud Practice;

  • What fraud challenges merchants face and how can trust be maintained in online payments: ACI Worldwide, About-Fraud, Arkose Labs, Breach Clarity, Dunkin’ Brands, Ecommerce Foundation – Scamadviser, Mango, Marketplace Risk, React, SecuredTouch, Wave Financial;

  • How to create new fraud strategies and technologies to combat fraudsters, while keeping good customers and blocking bad actors: Cybersource, Fraugster, Insparx, Kount, Sift, Simility, a PayPal Service, STRATGranat, Summit Partners;

  • How PSD2’s SCA will influence the space and what the future of fraud will be: MK2 Consulting, MRC, Netcetera, Nok Nok, Signifyd, Wargaming.

Besides the insightful editorials, the Report features an industry mapping of the key players in the fraud detection, identity verification, and online authentication area, and it also reveals their backgrounds, core services, unique selling points, and business partners via in-depth profiles. This overview of the fraud solution providers aims to help merchants, fintechs, and payment service providers grasp the current market opportunities. 

We would like to offer our appreciation to our partners from the Merchant Risk Council, Marketplace Risk, and The Fraud Practice that endorsed the 2020/2021 edition. We would also like to thank our thought leaders, participating organisations, top industry players, experts, solution providers, merchants, industry associations, and consultancy companies that contributed and enriched our Report with their valuable insights.

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Published 20 Nov 2020
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