Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Report 2019/2020

Report, published: November 2019

This year, through our report, we decided to draw an accurate picture of the landscape in order to educate our readership regarding both the risks and the measures to be taken in case of fraud. This edition provides insightful perspectives on key aspects, including fraud management, identity verification, online authentication, and regulation

Without doubt, fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and new types of fraud are developing rapidly (e.g. spam abuse, bot attacks, APP fraud, account opening fraud), however, with the new security directives that came into play in September, it is interesting to see how the latest developments in fraud management help in the fight against scams, and what best practices in online authentication are most optimal. 

As the report’s aim is to tackle valuable opinions for the current hot topics in the industry, we have asked thought leaders and important key players to offer their opinions regarding the following aspects: 

  • How fraud in banking and commerce is addressed: Accertify, Aite Group, Buguroo, Emerging Payment Association, Ethoca, EVERY, FIDO Alliance, Forter, Kount, Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association, Risk42, Wargaming;
  • How online authentication is impacted by the PSD2: Australian Payments Network, Behaviosec, CyberSource, G+D Mobile Security, Juniper Research, Sift, Signifyd, U.S. Payments Forum;
  • Companies are continuing to use artificial intelligence and machine learning improved technologies so that they would stay ahead of fraudsters, while also ‘unboxing’ the black-box for you: Feedzai, Simility;
  • Bad bot attacks are increasingly rising, therefore companies are staying alert on the intent to combat and fight any types of fraudulent activities: Arkose labs, Kasada;
  • Businesses are seeing how data intelligence can be used as a smart method to address fraud prevention: Acuant, Emailage, IBM Research, Money20/20, Nethone, STRATGranat. 

Besides the editorials, the report displays a comprehensive section of company profiles with details regarding the key player’s unique selling points, their business partners, technology, and many others. We have also featured a new approach towards the industry mapping of core solutions. This year we have looked at companies’ most relevant new capabilities – proprietary and via third parties –, as well as we have asked them to explain three of the most important processes in the fight against fraud: what data do they gather, how do they analyse the data, and how is the decisioning process. 

The Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication report 2019/2020 is endorsed by our partners from MRC, a merchant-led trade association focused on electronic commerce risk and payment strategies, and Marketplace Risk, a leading organisation leaning towards risk management and legal strategy for the marketplace startup industry.

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Published 01 Nov 2019
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