Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022

Report, published: April 2022

The Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022 showcases the innovation and development of the best practices and instruments used by financial institutions in their fraud prevention activities, to improve the digital onboarding process of their customers while fighting against financial crime.

The report features three comprehensive, information-packed chapters, an infographic displaying the most relevant players and solution providers, along with complete company profiles of technology providers specialised in fraud prevention and financial crime detection/prevention.

  • Setting the scene - what is currently happening in the fraud and financial crime space?

This year’s report opens by setting the current context of the financial crime environment. You will first go through the types of fraud in payments and what measures can be taken to tackle them. Experts from Callsign, Tenet, NICE Actimize, EBA, Plus TI, and Nordea share valuable insights regarding topics ranging from BNPL and APP fraud to corporate identity theft and employee training on fraud detection and prevention.

The next section displays the latest developments and opportunities brought by tech advances for fraud prevention. Key players, such as Veriff, Ping Identity, FaceTec, Branddocs, and Decoded allow us to get a complete picture of IDV solutions, fraud, authentication, and orchestration hubs, biometrics and liveness detection advances, and the importance of digital literacy.

  • The critical role of digital identity

While industry pundits from iProov and INNOPAY run us through the benefits of digital identity solutions and the European Commission’s struggle with harmonising the digital identity landscape in Europe, world-renowned consultants from OIX, Quali-Sign, and Liminal help us understand how digital identity currently looks like.

Regarding the best practices for digital onboarding and KYC, it’s up to Trulioo, InnoValor, Shufti ProConsult Hyperion, and KuppingerCole representatives to plead the case for the aforementioned features of the digital identity world.

  • Spotting fincrime before it happens

Complying with financial crime rules can be a daunting task without successfully designed programmes put in place. Preventing financial crime brings benefits to all businesses and meeting compliance requirements must be true to heart, as experts from Feedzai and ComplyCube argue. Railsbank, INNOPAY, and Deloitte show us the threats of fincrime, where to look within our organisation to remain successful as a fintech, and how regtech in the metaverse could look like. Finally, AML professional Dawn Fisher instructs firms on designing/maintaining an effective AML programme.

You can look at global initiatives regarding compliance, as presented by INNOPAY, EBA’s EuReCa, AIR – Alliance for Innovative Regulation, and The RegTech Association.

The Payments Association’s Jane Jee alongside The Integrity Talks’s author Dina-Perla Portnaar display the benefits of industry collaboration against financial crime.

  • Who is who in financial crime and fraud detection and prevention

The Paypers has put together an extensive infographic that includes solution providers that are part of the digital onboarding (KYC), financial crime prevention (AML/CTF), and fraud (payments/accounts fraud) ecosystem.

Besides the editorials, the report displays a second part that includes a comprehensive section of company profiles with details regarding the key player’s core solutions, their business partners, technology, and many others. 

We would like to express our appreciation to Consult Hyperion, FINTRAIL’s FinTech FinCrim Exchange, and KuppingerCole – our endorsement partners who have greatly supported us, and to our thought leaders, participating organisations, and top industry players that contributed to this edition, enriching it with valuable insights and joining us in our constant endeavour to depict an insightful picture of the industry.

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