Expectations of online shoppers: today, tomorrow and beyond - European research report 2023

Report, published: June 2023

Introducing our latest European research report: "Expectations of online shoppers: today, tomorrow and beyond".

In today's competitive market, understanding the desires and expectations of online shoppers is paramount to staying ahead. That's why we embarked on an extensive research project, interviewing 6000 online shoppers across six European markets, including Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Our primary objective was to provide you with invaluable insights into the current e-commerce landscape, equip you with effective strategies to engage tomorrow's customers, and help you navigate the future of retail successfully.

Key findings:
  1. Cost-conscious customers: Despite economic challenges, 77% of shoppers buy online monthly, using discounts and promotions to save money.
  2. Cross-border commerce rises: Half of consumers shop beyond their domestic markets for better value and product availability.
  3. Evolving payment methods: Bank cards (58%) remain popular, while mobile apps and wallets gain traction (57%). Buy Now Pay Later is chosen by 72% of higher income shoppers.
  4. Tech-driven experiences: Virtual shopping assistants and AR capture consumer interest, with 40% anticipating these innovations.

Adapt to changing shopper expectations and secure your place in the Ecommerce space. Read "Expectations of Online Shoppers: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond" now.


Research Type Overview
Published 21 Jun 2023
Pages 37
Geographic Scope    Europe
Editions Ecommerce, Online Payments
Companies Worldline