Ecommerce Payment Methods Report 2016 – Global Payments Insights

Report, published: July 2016

Ecommerce payments, being one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world, is constantly in a state of flux. But what drives this surge of innovation in the market? What defines the adoption new payment methods? How does the payment method ecosystem look like and what is currently happening in Europe, US, India, and China that might change the way consumers pay in online shops or on (social) platforms in the following years?

Besides answering to the set of questions above, we acknowledge a need for a common framework of payment terminology, which explains everything you need to know about this industry’s core components and how they interrelate. How can we distinguish among the 300 plus payment methods being offered by PSPs? How do payment instruments relate to online payment methods? What payment methods categories can be discerned? What are the technicalities, and how are merchants and consumers protected against fraud? This is another interesting set of questions which, usually, merchants and users are trying to find answers to.

The exponential growth of cross-border ecommerce has precipitated the rise of (alternative) payment methods. There is an endless number of payment methods to match all payment contexts (pay in advance, pay afterwards, as well as payment-on-delivery. Choosing the right payment methods per payment context, vertical, and country is a key enabler to online sales conversion.

Likewise, the Report features expertise and opinions coming from payment methods like AcceptEmail, SlimPay, PayU, and Trustly on the one hand, and PSPs like Limonetik, ACI Worldwide, and PPRO Group on the other hand, to help businesses make an informed decision for success on a global level. Learn from industry leaders of card based payment and alternative payment how to increase online sales conversion and drive revenue growth.

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