Digital Onboarding and KYC 2022 – The Essentials of Identity Verification

Report, published: December 2022

Digital Onboarding and KYC 2022 – The Essentials of Identity Verification outlines recent trends and dynamics across the digital onboarding and identity verification space.


It highlights the importance of digital identity as we transition to a digital society, the preparedness (or not) of the current onboarding process for this new era, evolving customer needs, and tech solutions that are out there to mitigate all these.

As the need to trust the other party at the end of our digital transaction activity has never been more crucial than it is now, the booklet’s key message is that digital identity is one of the fundamental layers of our digital economy. The financial industry is encouraged to give a helping hand to develop this space as it will bring many benefits to users, businesses, and societies – reduced fraud, great UX, compliance with AML/KYC, low costs, etc.



In The Payper’s and our partners’ vision, identity verification essentials can be simplified to:

  • What does digital identity look like?

  • What are the new opportunities offered by technological advances to verify identities?

  • What can we learn from best practices in digital onboarding and KYC

identity verification providers

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Published 15 Dec 2022
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