DataVisor Fraud Index Report: Q2 2019

Report, published: August 2019

Customers online want convenience, ease, and access. Fortunately, your business offers it all. Unfortunately, thats what fraudsters want too

To a cyber-criminal, those features means vulnerabilities. To bring you the very latest and most actionable insights about where the risks are and what you can do about them, we analyzed more than 52 billion events, 1.1 billion users, and 427 million IP addresses.

Whats in the 2019 Q2 Fraud Index Report:

• 5 ways financial accounts are compromised

• 6 ways criminals profit from fraud

• Anatomy of an ATO attack

• How fraudsters hide behind fake location data

• Stopping fraudulent transactions in less than 60 minutes.


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Research Type Overview
Published 08 Aug 2019
File Type PDF
Geographic Scope    World
Editions Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud