Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2021–2022

Report, published: December 2021

The Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2021–2022 taps into the fast-growing cross-border market, being the ultimate source of information for ecommerce businesses interested in expanding globally. 

The third edition of the report provides a sharp overview of trends and developments that are pivotal for merchants, payment professionals, marketplaces, and beyond, drilling down into the details of the cross-border ecommerce market and tackling topics from the main challenges encountered when selling across borders to how to reap the benefits of online commerce’s growth and gain a competitive edge. 



Report highlights 

This year’s edition features an extensive overview of European retailers from nine European markets, presenting key information about them and the payment methods they offer online, and a detailed ecommerce analysis for 20 global markets, conducted in collaboration with PPRO and featuring categories such as: tips good to know when entering them, relevant payment methods, top ecommerce segments and stats, top cross-border shopping origin markets, and card schemes and payment methods breakdowns. 

Our key objective is to help ecommerce businesses succeed in expanding globally and growing revenue, and with that in mind, together with our contributors – top players, consultancies, industry associations, merchants, and marketplaces – we bring forward a comprehensive compendium that features essential information closely related to the cross-border payments and ecommerce market. 

Download the report now to gain insights into the following key points: 

  • the state of affairs in the cross-border market – editorials from CMSPI, Lenovo, Ecommerce Europe, FTI Consulting, Juniper Research; 

  • specific challenges in selling across borders – editorials from 2C2P, dLocal, IKEA, MRC; 

  • zooming in on payments – editorials from BPC, Digital River, IMRG, IXOPAY, Mastercard Payment Gateway Services, payabl. Powered by Powercash21, PPRO, PSE Consulting, Allyiz, Amadeus, WePayOut, Trustly, ConnectPay, Buckzy Payments,, BlueSnap, Nium, Thunes, WLPayments;

  • cross-border ecommerce opportunities on the horizon – editorials from Marketplace Risk, OnBuy, Masha Cilliers (Payment Options), Unlimint, Upwork, Nuvei, Cainiao, Lazada;

  • gaining a competitive edge in different regions – editorials from Jumia, AsiaPay, Degica, Azoya, JCB Europe, NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL), Sara Lone (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), BoaCompra by PagSeguro, Cecilia González (Universidad ORT Uruguay), Bexs Banco, AMVO, The Strawhecker Group (TSG). 

Supporting/endorsement partners 

The Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2021–2022 is developed with support of Merchant Risk Council and endorsed by three leading industry associations: AMVO, IMRG, and Marketplace Risk. Our key media partner, who will help us with the promotion of the report, is Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE). 

We invite you to download your complimentary copy and explore the Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2021–2022 to stay one step ahead in this competitive market!


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Published 09 Dec 2021
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