B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide 2016

Report, published: May 2016

Read what industry experts have to say about the potentially untapped opportunities in cross-border B2B payments, how banks are innovating, what are the latest innovations in SMB financing, what are the most important regulatory updates and many other topics.

Highlights from the Guide:

- the future of banking innovation from two leading banks (Deutsche Bank, UniCredit);

- the most interesting use cases for blockchain in B2B payments and supply chain finance (Aite Group, Innopay, Orchard Finance);

- how to reinvent the correspondent banking model as we know it today (SWIFT);

- the challenges for international payments & financing projects (sharedserviceslink, KAE, NAPCP, Token, Future Asia Ventures, INTIX);

- supply chain finance: a significant new proposition in the financing of trade and supply chains, but what’s next (ICC Banking Commission, Windesheim & Capital Chains, Magnus Lind – The Talent Show, Anita Gerrits);

- the steps needed for successful open & cross-border e-invoicing (Comarch EDI, Fraunhofer Institute, simplerinvoicing);

- the regulation helps or hinders innovation and growth: up-to-date insights on PSD2, Directive 2014/55/EU, Prompt Payment Code, etc. (Brendan Jones, EESPA, Asset Based Finance Association, The International Association for Alternative Finance - IAAF)

The 2016 edition is endorsed by Innopay, an independent consulting firm and Supply Chain Finance Community, a not-for-profit group for all those involved in supply chains.

What leading experts think about us

Supply Chain Finance Community: This guide, carefully documented, keeps readers informed about the latest developments and opportunities in Fintech, B2B payments, SCF, and e-invoicing.

Innopay: The Guide offers invaluable market insights for professionals in the B2B payments, e-invoicing and supply chain finance space.

Holland Fintech: The Paypers is providing via the B2B Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Market Guide unlimited access to the most comprehensive overview of the global industry of e-finance.

This Market Guide, carefully created by The Paypers, puts together the most recent and relevant information in payments & finance, so make sure you get your complimentary copy!

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