B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance and E-invoicing Guide 2018

Report, published: April 2018

The new edition of B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide gathers leading solution providers, consultants, associations, banks and corporates that share their latest insights, technologies and best practices in B2B payments, real-time fraud prevention, instant payments business opportunities, supply chain sustainability, etc.

Download your complimentary copy to learn more about:

  • how the emergence of Financial Utilities could overcome challenges such as high operational costs and slow transfer times in international payments (Saxo Payments Banking Circle);

  • how blockchain technology is changing the financial industry (R3), what is the impact of distributed ledger technology on cross-border payments (Standard Chartered Bank), and what are the strategies to tackle B2B payments fraud (Association for Financial Professionals, Strategic Treasurer);

  • how artificial intelligence can tackle the issue of late payments (Previse);

  • API models: Public, Partner and Private (Accenture);

  • real-time payments fraud prevention (Feedzai) and security risks of mobile instant payments (Smart Payments Association);

  • instant payments in an open ecosystem: creating new business models, opening up new revenue streams, and the impact on corporates (Holland FinTech, Lipis Advisors), the drivers of real-time payments adoption and what to expect going forward (BNY Mellon, UniCredit), and the US banks readiness for B2B real-time payments (Aite Group);

  • how third parties and corporate banks are digitally transforming the corporate onboarding process (INNOPAY);

What`s more, we`ll walk you through everything you need to know about:

  • blockchain application in supply chain finance (SCF Community, University of St. Gallen), key aspects for a successful SCF deployment in the medium term (BBVA);

  • how a sustainable supply chain is key to business continuity (Philips Lighting);

  • how payables finance can bridge the USD 1.5 trillion trade finance gap (Deutsche Bank), and on the iSHARE data sharing scheme in the logistics sector(INNOPAY & iSHARE);

The Guide covers in-depth:

  • invoice compliance in procure-to-pay processes (Comarch e-Invoicing);

  • the state of play of B2G e-invoicing in Europe (EESPA).

This new edition is endorsed by Supply Chain Finance Community, a not-for-profit group for all those involved in supply chains and Holland FinTech, an organisation fostering innovation within the financial services industry.

The Paypers offers invaluable and relevant information in B2B payment, supply chain finance and e-invoicing, so make sure you read through the entire Guide by downloading your complimentary copy.

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Published 26 Apr 2018
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