The Rise of Real-Time: Where we are and where we are heading

organized on 6 December 2023 | 15:00 CET

This webinar is a must for professionals in the finance and payment sectors, offering a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and understand the regulatory landscape from leading experts.


What’s driving real-time payment adoption across the globe? Discover a global view on where we are with real-time payments and where we're heading.

Hear from Industry Experts:
Craig Ramsey, ACI Worldwide
Ludovic Francesconi, European Payments Initiative (EPI)
Monica Monaco, TrustEuAffairs

They discussed the latest on EU regulation for instant payments, the European Payments Initiative (EPI), recent developments and updates on the major real-time payment schemes (PIX, FedNow, UPI, SCT Inst), and provide a look inside instant payment trends and top use cases.

Keywords: real-time payments, instant payments, regulation
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