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The time is now for cardless and contactless payments

Thought leader insights | Online Payments | 08 Jul 2020 08:29 CET | World

From plastic cards to virtual cards – Nikki Waters of i2c reveals the influencing factors of the new payment behaviour, and how can banks and fintechs leverage NextGen technologies to bring out new contactless solutions to the market

2020 Darwinian shakeout in European fintech

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 07 Jul 2020 07:30 CET | United Kingdom

Joel Van Arsdale from Flagship Advisory Partners provides insights regarding the rapid growth in licensed payment and e-money institutions in recent years and his expectation for a shakeout among fintechs in 2020 due to challenging market circumstances

Contactless payments via NFC and QR codes – added value or an economic recovery mechanism?

Expert Opinion | Mobile Payments | 02 Jul 2020 11:05 CET | World

Jordan Graison, Limonetik, elaborates on the effects of the increased use of contactless payments among merchants

Crisis and lockdown: How some markets are playing their cards right

Thought leader insights | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 Jun 2020 07:18 CET | World

Nicolas Engel, Director, Managed Risk Solutions at CyberSource, explores how businesses have best adapted to the new COVID-19 normal, and sees how agility is a decisive factor in this uncertain world

The relevance of local payment methods for the B2B and B2C markets in Brazil

Thought leader insights | Payments General | 23 Jun 2020 08:20 CET | Brazil

Luiz Henrique Didier Jr. from Bexs Bank emphasizes the importance of an online experience that includes local payments for Brazilians and the country’s companies, and also presents a B2B case study that illustrates this need...

Open banking, the steppingstone of open finance

Thought leader insights | Payments General | 18 Jun 2020 08:35 CET | Europe

European expert in payments and financial services, Andréa Toucinho, talks about Open Banking - one of the major trends of financial sector in Europe


How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting Strong Customer Authentication preparations in 2020?

Expert Opinion | Ecommerce | 17 Jun 2020 12:10 CET | World

Colm O’Monachain, J.P. Morgan Wholesale Payments: Online merchants have seen their businesses turned upside down as they battle through a global pandemic. Nevertheless, the European payments industry is still required to bring SCA onboard in the coming year.2


How can the fashion ecommerce sector fight fraud and grow its business at the same time?

Case Study | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Jun 2020 09:16 CET | Europe

Nethone explains how Machine Learning and Data Science can help the fashion ecommerce sector to fight fraud and increase business 

The impact of Open Banking in Brazil

Thought leader insights | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Jun 2020 08:35 CET | Brazil

Ralf Germer, CEO and Co-Founder of PagBrasil, rounds up the most relevant stepts to the implementation of Open Banking in Brazil...

5 golden rules of ePayments

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 05 Jun 2020 09:35 CET | Europe

As epayments become more intermingled with physical card transactions from tech giants, Anne Bailey from KuppingerCole reviews some golden rules of e payments for merchants


The rise of subscription helpdesk scams

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 04 Jun 2020 12:28 CET | World

Jorij Abraham, Managing Director of the Ecommerce Foundation, talks about what subscription helpdesk scams imply and why they must not be ignored

How can you improve dropshipping processes in ecommerce? Two words – EDI systems

Thought leader insights | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 29 May 2020 11:05 CET | World

Tomasz Spluszka, Comarch: In the dropshipping model, the order fulfilment process can be automated, meaning we can improve the efficiency with the help of Electronic Data Interchange

Alias use in the Dutch payment system not the way forward

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 29 May 2020 08:50 CET | Netherlands

Carin van der Cruijsen from DNB explains how the social costs of unique aliases for payments account numbers outweigh the benefits of such a measure, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages...

A look into the future: How COVID-19 changed payments

Expert Opinion | Online Payments | 28 May 2020 08:38 CET | World

James Booth, VP, Head of Partnerships EMEA at PPRO gives an overview of payment trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic and envisions what the future holds for the industry.


Doing Covid-19 tracking apps right: It's all about acceptance

Thought leader insights | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 27 May 2020 08:35 CET | Europe

The Paypers has sat with Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst of KuppingerCole, to discuss the impact of apps that track the spread of coronavirus on keeping our data safe


Business opportunities in the pandemic and the road ahead

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 26 May 2020 08:55 CET | Hong Kong

To face a post-COVID-19 world with confidence, businesses are advised to modify their current processes, culture, and customer experiences. Harvey Chan from Payment Asia has some ideas


Explainable AI and transaction fraud: Moving beyond black box explanations

Thought leader insights | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 20 May 2020 07:32 CET | World

Pedro Bizarro, Feedzai, explains that ‘while it’s great to have a machine that learns, a machine that teaches propels us into the future of fraud detection and prevention’...

The importance of seasonal holidays to Brazilian ecommerce

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 19 May 2020 07:47 CET | Brazil

Luiz Henrique Didier Jr. from Bexs Bank highlights the dates that have a big impact on Brazil’s online retail sales, which in 2019 posted revenue growth of 16.3%...

Cross-border digital identity and onboarding

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 19 May 2020 07:39 CET | World

Adam Cooper, ID Crowd, explains why when one considers cross-border use of digital identity, what one really means is recognition of digital identity in other contexts ...

The effects of coronavirus on SCA implementation

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 18 May 2020 10:00 CET | World

Tim Ayling, VP EMEA, buguroo, discusses the potential consequences of delays to payment services regulation due to the COVID-19 crisis

The role of AI in fighting fraud for businesses during a global pandemic

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 May 2020 08:43 CET | World

Ryan Taylor from WEX Inc. highlights the role of artificial intelligence in the war against fraud during a global pandemic

Chargebacks and COVID-19: Answering the frequently asked questions

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 13 May 2020 10:59 CET | United States

Tracy Cray, Director of Card Scheme Compliance, Chargebacks911, answering the most requested topics around chargebacks during the COVID-19 pandemic 


Covid-19 – Embracing the contactless payment habit doesn't mean you need a card. New payment methods are breaking through

Expert Opinion | Mobile Payments | 12 May 2020 08:17 CET | World

Peter Theunis, CEO of Radar Payments by BPC, makes a thorough overview on how implementing mobile payment methods can help with better navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

Managing cash flow during the pandemic

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 11 May 2020 09:27 CET | World

Kivanc Onan, Head of Payments & Financial Products Strategy of North America B2B at Alibaba Group, outlines four considerations for small businesses


A look into Japan's fintech landscape - Tokyo FinTech

Expert Opinion | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 May 2020 09:22 CET | Japan

Norbert Gehrke of Tokyo FinTech elaborates on the most important fintech trends in Japan, while highlighting the possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the financial services sector


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