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Preparing for a future of Embedded Finance

Expert Opinion | Ecommerce | 15 Jul 2024 11:43 CET | World

Maria Parpou, Executive Vice President at Mastercard Gateway, delves into the future of Embedded Finance for marketplaces....

The path to cloud core migration: overcoming barriers, avoiding pitfalls, and reaping the rewards

Expert Opinion | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Jul 2024 12:23 CET | World

Teun van der Veeken, Banking Consultant at Mambu, explains why banks must migrate to cloud-based models with SaaS and APIs to stay competitive. Overcoming hurdles can boost profitability, resilience, and engagement.


The new era of value creation for ecommerce and fintech

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 12 Jul 2024 09:18 CET | World

Francesc Altisent, VP of Product, Payments & Banking at Mangopay, discusses Embedded Finance, digital wallets, orchestration, and interconnectivity....

MPE Berlin 2024: the future of payments and fraud by leveraging AI and other emerging technologies

Expert Opinion | Online Payments | 11 Jul 2024 12:45 CET | World

The Positivity Magazine launched by the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) each year gathers professionals in the field of payments and fraud prevention tackling the hottest topics in the industry, while also summarising the most prevalent discussions during the event in Berlin.


Get ready for the low-value payment revolution

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 10 Jul 2024 12:15 CET | World

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to face a myriad of pain points when sending money across borders. With the launch of Swift Go, this could be about to change. Steve Wojciechowicz, Senior Principal for Product Management at BNY, explores how Swift’s new service for low-value payments is helping. ...

Leveraging Generative AI in fraud and financial crime investigations: efficiency, accuracy, and compliance

Thought leader insights | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Jul 2024 08:05 CET | World

In the fast-evolving world of financial crime and compliance, Glenn Fratangelo from NICE Actimize agrees that Generative AI (GenAI) is becoming a game-changer.


Leveraging tap-to-pay technology for safe contactless payments

Expert Opinion | Mobile Payments | 08 Jul 2024 09:20 CET | World

Gabriel Lucas, Director at Redbridge Debt and Treasury Advisory, tackles the future of tap-to-pay payments and their multiple uses for streamlining digitalisation, enhanced security, and financial inclusion.


Understanding the role of cryptocurrencies in remittances

Expert Opinion | Cryptocurrencies | 08 Jul 2024 08:16 CET | World

Nikolay Denisenko, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Brighty App, describes the current remittance market, emphasising the role of crypto in enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Incoming APP fraud rules could derail the new UK Government's agenda

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 05 Jul 2024 08:06 CET | United Kingdom

Virraj Jatania, Pockit: The Labour government must urgently address APP fraud regulations that risk incentivising scams, burdening fintech firms, and overlooking social media roles.


Unveiling the future of payments: the role of experience, branding, and luxury in shaping winning strategies

Thought leader insights | Payments General | 03 Jul 2024 08:11 CET | World

Amanda Gourbault from CompoSecure reveals the role of experience, branding, and luxury in shaping winning payments strategies.


Neema's take on global payments: deep B2C roots

Thought leader insights | Online Payments | 02 Jul 2024 12:44 CET | World

Moshe Kimhi, Neema’s CEO, shares how hands-on experience and challenges have shaped Neema’s innovative approach to global payments.


The European elections and their impact on the payments industry

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 01 Jul 2024 11:25 CET | Europe

Robrecht Vandormael and Maxence Favaletto from FTI Consulting talk about how the payments industry is impacted by the June 2024 European elections.


The future of marketplaces: embracing digital wallet integration for enhanced user experience

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 01 Jul 2024 09:18 CET | World

Marius Galdikas, CEO of ConnectPay, discusses the importance of marketplaces embracing digital wallet integration for an enhanced user experience....

The EU AI Act: a comprehensive overview and its far-reaching implications

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 28 Jun 2024 09:30 CET | Europe

To understand what the EU AI Act means and to prepare for the upcoming regulation, Olivier Proust, Partner at Fieldfisher, provides a comprehensive overview and discusses its far-reaching implications.


A customer universe of one: the future of money is here and it's personal

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 27 Jun 2024 10:45 CET | World

Revolutionary advancements in big data, artificial intelligence, and cryptography are unlocking a new era of personalisation in financial services. Scarlett Sieber, CSO of Money20/20 shares more on the future of money.


The impact of network tokens and payment orchestration on merchant services

Thought leader insights | Online Payments | 27 Jun 2024 09:30 CET | World

Lee Jones, CEO of Merchant Services UK at Worldline, analyses the disruptive impact that network tokens and payment orchestration have on merchant services....

From dull to dazzling: the transformation of the enterprise payment infrastructure

Expert Opinion | Payments General | 26 Jun 2024 08:10 CET | World

‘Over the last half-decade, modernisation has shifted from being 'nice to have' to becoming mission-critical at the enterprise level.

Eileen O'Mara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stripe, on the Money 20/20 stage in Amsterdam, 2024


Fixing foreign exchange for online marketplaces

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 25 Jun 2024 08:14 CET | World

Maximilian Lehmann, SVP and Head of Partnerships at Nium, examines the importance of foreign exchange management for marketplaces....

The power of global payment acceptance in marketplace growth

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 21 Jun 2024 11:32 CET | World

Samuel Igbinadolor, Head of Marketplaces and Platforms Partnerships at Nuvei, discusses the impact of global payment acceptance on marketplace growth....

Converting the sales funnel: how to materially increase ecommerce performance

Thought leader insights | Ecommerce | 21 Jun 2024 09:51 CET | United States

Daniel Kornitzer, Board Advisor at FlexFactor, discusses the current challenges of ecommerce merchants in the US and how curing transaction declines can  significantly increase ecommerce performance.


Navigating the digital onboarding maze

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Jun 2024 08:32 CET | World

Will Charnley, Managing Director at Liminal, shares insights on integrating tech and adopting risk-based strategies. ...

The marketplace landscape: an analysis of current trends, market insights, and future directions

Expert Opinion | Ecommerce | 20 Jun 2024 07:00 CET | World

Mark Beresford and Volker Schloenvoigt of Edgar, Dunn & Company offer an analysis of current trends, market insights, and future directions within the marketplace landscape....

The ins and outs of Embedded Finance at the checkout

Expert Opinion | Online Payments | 19 Jun 2024 10:31 CET | World

Maya Kumar, EVP at Banked, explores how Embedded Finance is reshaping ecommerce checkouts to benefit merchants and customers alike....

Africa's ecommerce boom: growing desire for digital goods and services

Thought leader insights | Online Payments | 18 Jun 2024 11:23 CET | Africa

Frank Breuss, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Payment Methods expert Nikulipe, shares insights of a recent report on ‘Payments and Ecommerce in Africa’ and discusses the opportunities for European PSPs and merchants to tap into a billion Euro market potential in Africa....

Best practices for verifying and onboarding customers in digital finance

Expert Opinion | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Jun 2024 09:52 CET | Romania

Ahead of the Unchain Fintech Festival, Lyubomir Tankishev from Evotrust shares best practices in customer onboarding for financial services.



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