Tailor made products

With our knowledge of the payment industry, we can fulfil your specific news and research needs – as we already do for some corporate clients.

Our news editors and researchers continuously review the market and are able to provide your company with what you are interested in.
We can also support or supplement your own information gathering activities.
Examples of what we can do:

  • Customised news. Staying up to date in a fragmented world is a time-consuming effort. It is our business to stay up to date in the payment industry and we can select news content that match your particular business needs and interests. The Paypers can send the news selections as a feed, a newsletter, or you can get access to a dedicated and secure area on our website. We can present the news in the look and format of your choosing.
  • Client specific research. Most companies have an interest in some form of business intelligence, but many have encountered the difficulty of finding the right information as they need it. The Paypers’ researchers can provide you with the qualitative and quantitative data you need, or can support your own research activities.

Please contact the editors to discuss your needs and what we can offer to you.