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How Latin dinosaur names are protecting financial data

Interviews | Interviews | 30 May 2019

Data management and protection are two of the biggest concerns for financial institutions, and a data breach not only has immediate financial consequences, but a longer-term impact on reputation and trust

data management, data protection, GDPR, IBM, financial institutions, zero knowledge proofs, fully homomorphic encryption, pseudonymisation, Michael Osborne

JPMorgan enhances its Ethereum-based blockchain with new privacy features

News | Cryptocurrencies | 28 May 2019

New privacy features for Ethereum-based blockchains have been developed by JPMorgan Chase’s blockchain team.

Ethereum, privacy, blockchain, JPMorgan Chase, zero knowledge proofs, US, Quorum

Interview with Caelum Labs on innovation and self-sovereign identity

Interviews | Interviews | 03 May 2019

The Paypers interviews Alex Puig to find out more about the work of Caelum Labs on self-sovereign identity solutions

Caelum Labs, blockchain, GDPR, consent, data privacy, self sovereign identity, Spain, Alex Puig, decentralised web, zero knowledge proofs

ING Bank researches zero-knowledge proofs

News | Payments General | 16 Apr 2019

Netherlands-based ING Bank has researched real-life uses for Bulletproofs, a version of blockchain that shares information using zero-knowledge proofs.

ING Bank, zero knowledge proofs, Bulletproofs, blockchain, Netherlands, banks, accounts, data, cryptographers, GDPR, regulations