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Yandex.Checkout launches split transaction service for marketplaces and online platforms

22 May 2020 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has introduced split transaction, a new solution for marketplaces and online platforms that offer goods and services provided by various companies.

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Yandex.Checkout to help businesses reduce the number of declined transactions

09 Apr 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Yandex.Checkout has launched a new feature for businesses: payment acceptance using the automatic update of card details for Visa and Mastercard bank cards.

Yandex.Checkout, decline transactions, merchants, tokenization

Sberbank and Yandex.Checkout to enhance its B2B payments offering

18 Feb 2020 | Payments General

Russia-based Sberbank has expanded its B2B payments offering scope in partnership with Yandex.Checkout.

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Yandex.Checkout, Renault team up for new online payment experience

19 Jul 2019 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has partnered with Renault to develop a payment scenario for online store and enable the full payment for a car.

Yandex.Checkout, Renault, online payments, prepayment

Yandex.Checkout launches online payments via WeChat Pay in Russia

25 Jun 2019 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has introduced online payments via WeChat Pay to online stores and other online services in Russia.

Yandex.Checkout, launch, online payments, WeChat Pay, Russia, WeChat, online store

Yandex.Checkout, Isbank to provide ruble payments for purchases in Turkey

31 May 2019 | Online Payments

Isbank has added the option of payments via Yandex.Checkout and starts providing its partner companies with payment acceptance via popular Russians payment methods.

Yandex.Checkout, Isbank, online payments, Turkey, payment method, bank

Yandex.Checkout provides online prepayments for Tesla

15 Mar 2019 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has announced that it starts offering Russian customers the opportunity to make an online preorder and an advance payment for Tesla Model Y.

Yandex.Checkout, online prepayments, online payments, Tesla, Russia

Yandex.Checkout offers direct payments via Tinkoff Bank app

14 Feb 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

Yandex.Checkout has announced providing a new payment method via Tinkoff Bank’s mobile app or online banking account.

Yandex.Checkout, Tinkoff Bank, partnership, online banking, mobile banking, direct payments, payments, Russia, Yandex.Checkout API

Yandex.Checkout introduces WeChat Pay in Moscow airport

31 Jan 2019 | Payments General

Yandex.Checkout has teamed up with Sheremetyevo Duty Free Heinemann to provide retail stores from the Sheremetyevo International Airport with WeChat Pay.

Yandex.Checkout, WeChat Pay, Moscow, Russia, mobile payments, China

Yandex.Checkout provides Google Pay for online stores

21 Nov 2018 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has announced that its partners can now accept payments via Google Pay without any additional development required.

Yandex.Checkout, online stores, Google Pay, online payments, online platform

Yandex.Checkout provides WeChat Pay to merchants in Russia

15 Nov 2018 | Online Payments

Yandex.Checkout has provided its partners with a new payment method, WeChat Pay – service integrated into the Chinese app, WeChat.

Yandex.Checkout, merchants, Russia, contactless payments, cards, QR codes, checkout

Yandex.Checkout to accept payments from AMEX, JCB, Diners Club cards

25 Oct 2018 | Cards

Yandex.Checkout has enabled online stores and service providers to accept payments with cards issued by American ?xpress, JCB, and Diners Club.

Yandex.Checkout, card payments, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, card, Russia, merchant

Charity trend in Russia is driven by local boost of payment technologies, report shows

20 Aug 2018 | Online Payments

The number of Russians donating online has increased by 40% in the first six months of 2018 in comparison to 2017, according to a study by Yandex.Checkout.

Yandex.Checkout, Russia, payments, charitable payments