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FIS launches single API for merchants to access payment capabilities

10 Sep 2020 | Online Payments

 FIS has announced its Access Worldpay gateway, a single point of integration for global merchants to quickly deploy a full range of payment capabilities.

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Nick Ogden, Microsoft launch new network for cross-border payments

03 Sep 2020 | Payments General

RTGS Global, a global cross-border liquidity network, together with Microsoft have developed a new system which enables banks to gain visibility of liquidity between their counterparties.

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Knowledge bites: navigating risk, innovation, and the 'new normal' in merchant payments – part II

02 Sep 2020 | Ecommerce

In the second part of a two-part interview, speakers from the MPE Summer Week elaborate on relevant payments and commerce industry topics in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic

MPE Summer Week, Holly Worst, Worldpay, Chris Skinner, Jared Drieling, TSG, Gary Munro, Consult Hyperion, Paul Rodgers, Vendorcom, Gijs Boudewijn, Dutch Payments Association, Daniel Kornitzer, Paysafe Group, merchants, ecommerce, COVID-19, SCA, contactless payments, merchant payments, retailers

Knowledge bites: navigating risk, innovation, and the 'new normal' in merchant payments – part I

01 Sep 2020 | Ecommerce

In this first part of a two-part interview, some of the speakers from the MPE Summer Week provide answers on relevant questions that are often asked in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis

MPE Summer Week, Holly Worst, Worldpay, Claire Maslen, Consult Hyperion, James Booth, PPRO, Ivan Glazachev, Yandex, merchants, acquirers, payment providers, ecommerce, COVID-19, chargebacks, PSD2, SCA, digital payments, contactless payments, e-wallets, merchant payments

Secure Technology Alliance reveals defense method against CNP fraud

09 Jul 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

The Secure Technology Alliance has released a white paper, which shows that cards with dynamic security code features might prevent card-not-present (CNP) fraud.

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FIS announces new chargeback indemnification service

03 Jun 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

FIS, a services technology, has announced Fraud Freedom, a chargeback indemnification service designed for cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges.

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FIS adds Google Pay to its Hosted Payment Page

06 May 2020 | Online Payments

FIS, a financial services technology company, has announced the addition of Google Pay to its Hosted Payment Page (HPP) product for online merchants.

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FIS enables secure seamless online payments with Worldpay 3DS Flex Solution

05 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

UK-based fintech FIS has launched its new 3D Secure (3DS) authentication service, 3DS Flex aimed for global ecommerce retailers and merchants.

FIS, ecommerce, SCA, 3D Secure, 3DS2.1, 3DS2.2, Worldpay, 3DS Flex, payments, online shopping, cardholders, strong customer authentication

Digital wallets to represent half of global ecommerce sales by 2023 – FIS study

02 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

US-based fintech FIS has released its Worldpay from FIS 2020 Global Payments Report, predicting digital wallets to represent half of global ecommerce sales by 2023.

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FIS, Liberis to support US-based SMBs with alternative finance

30 Jan 2020 | Payments General

FIS has announced the partnership with Liberis, a fintech that provides alternative funding for small businesses, to address the small business funding gap in the US.

FIS, Liberis, alternative finance, Worldpay, SMBs, merchants

Flutterwave raises USD 35 mln, teams up with Worldpay

22 Jan 2020 | Online Payments

Fintech startup Flutterwave has raised a USD 35 million Series B round and announced a partnership with Worldpay FIS for payments in Africa.

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Worldpay offers JCB cards payment acceptance to Japan operating businesses

20 Dec 2019 | Cards

FIS has announced an agreement with JCB, so Worldpay, FIS' global ecommerce platform, can allow businesses operating in Japan to accept payments by JCB cards.

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How to diversify into Latin America

16 Sep 2019 | Expert Opinion

If you want to expand your business in LATAM, you’ll need a focused and localised approach. Javier Vallaure from PPRO examines regional demographic and payment trends and what they mean for ecommerce retailers

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Worldpay connects to IATA Financial Gateway

19 Jul 2019 | Online Payments

Worldpay has joined IATA’s Strategic Partnership Program and has connected to the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG).

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ACI Worldwide, Worldpay to drive global acceptance of APMs

17 Jul 2019 | Online Payments

ACI Worldwide has announced an international relationship with Worldpay, which will utilise ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution.

ACI Worldwide, Worldpay, partnership, APMs, Alternative Payment Methods, UP eCommerce Payments, cross-border payment, payment processing

Acquirer processes need to address merchant shift to consumer tech

05 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

According to AEVI, innovation, customer awareness and market consolidation set the stage for industry transformation. Those who can adapt will prosper, those who don’t won’t!

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Worldpay launches solution to optimise payments under PSD2

04 Jun 2019 | Payments General

UK-based payment processor Worldpay has announced launching the Exemption Engine for SCA merchants operating in the European Economic Area.

Worldpay, payment processing, product launch, UK, Europe, PSD2, open banking, European Economic Area, Exemption Engine, strong customer authentication, SCA

Newgen Payments adds Worldpay cards processing for online merchants

22 May 2019 | Online Payments

Newgen Payments has announced its integration with Worldpay to process card transactions for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Newgen Payments, Worldpay, payment gateway, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, online payments, North America

Worldpay launches omnichannel fraud prevention solution

01 May 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Worldpay has announced the launch of FraudSight, an omnichannel solution designed to prevent fraud and optimize approval rates.

Worldpay, omnichannel, fraud prevention, merchants

Visa, Wave to streamline cash management for small businesses

19 Apr 2019 | Online Payments

Visa and Wave have launched a new payments solution that aims to transform the way small businesses manage their cash flow.

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