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The future of payments is 'digital first' – interview with Viva Wallet

12 Oct 2020 | Online Payments

Yannis Larios, Viva Wallet: The ‘digital-first’ disruption in payments will be the result of the disengagement from legacy card terminals, with smartphones and tablets as the main devices for card acceptance

Viva Wallet, digital payments, mobile payments, payment methods, SMEs

JCB, Viva Wallet expand European collaboration

25 Aug 2020 | Cards

JCB and Viva Wallet have announced an extended European roll-out, which will enable contact and contactless payment between Viva Wallet's European merchants and JCB's 140 million cardmembers.

JCB, Viva Wallet, collaboration, Europe, contactless payment, merchants, online commerce, credit card, debit card

Viva Wallet offers Apple Pay to its customers

18 Aug 2020 | Mobile Payments

Viva Wallet has brought Apple Pay to its offering, enabling customers to pay in a safer, contactless way through their iPhone and Apple Watch devices.

Viva Wallet, Apple Pay, contactless payments, credit card information, terminal, Face ID, Touch ID, dynamic security code, Viva Wallet Mastercard, card numbers, Device Account Number, encrypted, Secure Element, debit cards

Viva Wallet acquires banking licence of Praxia Bank

05 Aug 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Viva Wallet has acquired the banking license of Praxia Bank after the completion of the share purchase agreement with AMC Oak.

Europe, fintech, Viva Wallet, banking, banking licence, Praxia Bank, AMC Oak, loans, ecommerce, partnership, WooCommerce, Pan-European, payments, merchants, IBAN, BIN, debit cards, cards

Viva Wallet, WooCommerce join forces for a payments gateway solution

28 Jul 2020 | Online Payments

Ecommerce platform developed by Automattic, WooCommerce, has teamed up with Viva Wallet to offer a free Pan-European native payments gateway solution.

Viva Wallet, partnership, WooCommerce, smart payments solution, payments gateway, IBAN account, debit card, online store

Viva Wallet chooses ClearBank as its UK banking partner

13 Jul 2020 | Online Payments

Cloud-based digital payment provider Viva Wallet has revealed that it has chosen clearing bank ClearBank as its UK banking partner. 

Viva Wallet, ClearBank, UK, banking, payments

Viva Wallet to buy Praxia Bank

30 Jan 2020 | Payments General

Viva Wallet has set a definitive agreement for the acquisition of online lender Praxia Bank.

Viva Wallet, Praxia Bank, acquisition, financial services

Viva Wallet enters strategic partnership with Bancontact Payconiq

13 Sep 2019 | Online Payments

Viva Wallet has announced it now offers its merchants the possibility to accept Bancontact payments across Europe.

Viva Wallet, merchants, Bancontact, digital payments, Europe, Bancontact Payconiq Company

Vista Bank, Viva Wallet launch new payment solution for retailers

14 Jun 2019 | Ecommerce

Vista Bank has launched a POS and ecommerce payment solution in partnership with Viva Wallet, a fintech providing financial services across Europe.

Vista Bank, Viva Wallet, launch, payment solution, retail, POS, ecommerce, Europe, partnership

JCB, Viva Wallet bring e-payments to European merchants

07 May 2019 | Cards

JCB International and Viva Wallet have signed a joint licencing agreement, enabling JCB cards to be used at POS systems and online touch points across Europe.

JCB, Viva Wallet, e-payments, Europe, merchant, card, JCB card

Interview with Viva Wallet on card acceptance and technological advances in payments

04 Mar 2019 | Interviews

The Paypers sat down with Makis Antypas, CIO at Viva Wallet, to learn more about card acceptance, could-based payments, and technological advances in the payments ecosystem

Interview, Makis Antypas, Viva Wallet, card acceptance, could-based payments, banking, ecommerce, payments, merchants

Interview with Costas Mantratzis, Viva Wallet, on creating efficient omnichannel customer experiences

15 Jan 2019 | Interviews

Costas Mantratzis, Chief Product and Innovation Architect at Viva Wallet, explains how to create efficient omnichannel customer experiences

Costas Mantratzis, Viva Wallet, omnichannel, omnichannel retail experience, loyalty, payment scheme, merchant, omnichannel strategy, ecommerce, innovation, personalisation