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Visa adds two new components to its Fast Track programme

News | Payments General | 19 Nov 2020

Visa has added two new components to its fintech Fast Track programme to provide increased support for the ecosystem of fintechs.

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Mypinpad to boost omnichannel payments with Visa Ready

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Oct 2020

Visa has granted Visa Ready certification for UK-based mobile payments company MYPINPAD’s Tap to Phone mPOS solution.

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O-CITY joins the Visa Ready for Transit Program

News | Payments General | 01 Jul 2020

BPC’s smart city payment division, O-CITY, has joined the Visa Ready for Transit program for mass transit systems. 

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BPC enters Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program

News | Payments General | 17 Jun 2020

Switzerland-based provider of digital payment solutions BPC has announced that it has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program.

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Ingenico Group to join Visa Ready for Transit program

News | Online Payments | 01 Oct 2018

Ingenico Group has announced that it will join Visa Ready for Transit program with the aim to to streamline the payment experience for public transport users.

Ingenico Group, Visa Ready for Transit, payments, Open Payment solution

Rambus Token Gateway to be qualified under Visa Ready

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 13 Sep 2018

Rambus has announced that its Token Gateway for ecommerce solution is to be qualified under the “Visa Ready” for Tokenization program.

Rambus, Token Gateway, Visa Ready, merchants, ecommerce, tokenization

FOMO Pay, Razorpay to roll out Visa Ready QR solutions

News | Online Payments | 15 Nov 2017

Visa has announced that FOMO Pay and Razorpay have approved to roll out Visa-certified QR solutions under the Visa Ready Partner Programme.

FOMO Pay, Razorpay, Visa Ready QR, QR codes, online payments

Visa announces Visa Ready Program for Business Solutions

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 14 Jun 2017

Visa has launched Visa Ready Program for Business Solutions to accelerate B2B payments.

Visa, Visa Ready Program for Business Solutions, B2B, B2B payments

Visa to broaden global access to Visa Token Service

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 08 Jun 2017

Visa has signed 13 new partners to participate in its token service provider (TSP) program to drive acceleration into Internet of Things (IoT) payments.

tokenization, Visa Token Service, IoT, security, digital payments, Visa Ready Program