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Nets, Gifted to develop digital prepaid gift card in Europe

News | Cards | 19 Apr 2021

Europe-based PSP Nets and digital gift card provider Gifted have partnered to offer merchants an innovative digital solution across the Nordics and wider Europe. 

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Stripe Issuing launches in Europe

News | Cards | 19 Apr 2021

Stripe has launched Stripe Issuing in Europe to enable its users to create, manage, and distribute virtual and physical payment cards.

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Mastercard cardholders to benefit from SBI Card Pay feature

News | Cards | 01 Apr 2021

SBI Card Pay, a payment feature that allows customers to create a virtual version of their physical SBI Credit Card on their mobile phones, has launched on Mastercard' platform.

Mastercard, product launch, virtual card, contactless payments

Afterpay launches virtual card for in-store payments in Australia

News | Ecommerce | 29 Mar 2021

Afterpay has launched a virtual card for in-store payments in Australia.

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Mastercard, Ooredoo, QNB to launch virtual prepaid cards in Qatar

News | Mobile Payments | 22 Mar 2021

Ooredoo Qatar, Mastercard, and QNB have announced the launch of the Ooredoo Money virtual prepaid card and contactless Mastercard cards in Qatar.

Mastercard, Ooredoo, QNB, virtual card, prepaid card, mobile payments

Nexus, WePay to allow SMEs accept payments via virtual cards

News | Cards | 22 Mar 2021

Nexus, a US-based AP automation and payments provider, has teamed up with JPMorgan’s integrated payments business WePay to create a new payments solution.

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Nexus launches solution that allows SMBs to accept payments through a virtual card

News | Cards | 17 Mar 2021

Nexus has pioneered a new payments solution in partnership with WePay to allow SMBs to accept payment through a virtual card.

Nexus, WePay, partnership, product launch, virtual card, online payments

Amadeus, Mastercard expand partnership to accelerate the adoption of virtual payments in travel

News | Cards | 16 Mar 2021

Amadeus and Mastercard have announced a five-year extended global collaboration to help broaden access to virtual card payments across the travel ecosystem.

Amadeus, Mastercard, partnership, e-wallet, virtual card, online payments

Nest Bank choses Fiserv to issue virtual card

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Mar 2021

Nest Bank has chosen Fiserv as its new provider of payment card outsourcing services for its digital development and to enable the introduction of new services to customers.

Fiserv, virtual card, digital banking, transaction monitoring

South African fintech Ukheshe expands globally

News | Payments General | 08 Mar 2021

South Africa-based digital fintech enablement provider, Ukheshe Technologies has confirmed it is expanding its operations internationally.

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86% of respondents said a loyalty programme is an important factor in making their purchasing decisions – daVinci Payments reports

News | Online Payments | 03 Mar 2021

A new national UK study from daVinci Payments reveals that 86% of respondents said a loyalty programme is an important factor in making their purchasing decisions.

daVinci Payments, study, e-wallet, virtual card, loyalty programme, online payments

Zytara selects i2c to roll out digital banking platform

News | Payments General | 01 Mar 2021

Zytara, a digital banking platform and payment network designed for Millennials, has selected i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, to launch a digital banking platform.

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Opera launches in-browser ecommerce functionality

News | Online Payments | 18 Feb 2021

Opera has announced the launch of the Dify in-browser ecommerce functionality supporting cashback and payments activities.

Opera, ecommerce, cashback, MasterCard, virtual card, debit card, online payments

City National, Extend launch Visa-based commercial credit card

News | Cards | 29 Jan 2021

US-based City National Bank has announced that it has joined with fintech startup Extend to launch a virtual Visa commercial credit card solution.

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First Bank of Nigeria launches the Virtual Payment Card

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Jan 2021

First Bank of Nigeria has launched the Virtual Payment debit card.

First Bank of Nigeria, product launch, Nigeria, Africa, FirstBank Virtual Payment Card, mobile payments, e-wallet, virtual card

Airtel Uganda, Mastercard to introduce virtual debit card

News | Cards | 12 Jan 2021

Airtel Uganda, in partnership with Mastercard, has introduced a virtual debit card, offering Airtel Money customers a secure platform to transact online globally.

Airtel Money, MasterCard, virtual card, financial inclusion

Aleta Planet's virtual card allows Singaporeans to pay like a local in China

News | Cards | 18 Dec 2020

Aleta Planet has announced the launch of its AP-1 virtual card through UnionPay, to enable Singaporeans and foreigners to make payments like a local when they are in China without having to set up a bank account there.

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PayCentral, Mastercard to digitise SMEs payment solutions in South Africa

News | Cards | 15 Dec 2020

PayCentral, a digital payment fintech, has partnered with Mastercard to launch an online platform DigiCentral.

PayCentral, fintech, virtual card, South Arica, payments, SMEs, digitalisation, MasterCard, product launch

Stocard expands its mobile payments service across multiple European countries

News | Mobile Payments | 25 Nov 2020

Germany-based mobile loyalty wallet provider Stocard has announced the expansion of its Stocard Pay service to users in Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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ING launches the ING Pay service in the Philippines

News | Online Payments | 25 Nov 2020

ING Philippines has announced the launch of ING Pay, a virtual payments card linked to the online bank accounts of clients.

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