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Paymentology, Thought Machine to create model digital bank platform

18 Sep 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

UK-based cloud-native payment processor Paymentology has announced it is partnering with digital banking platform Thought Machine.

Paymentology, Thought Machine, MOX Bank, partnership, digital banking, online banking platform, fintech, Vault, financial technology, UK, United Kingdom, Europe

Thought Machine joins the Banking Industry Architecture Network

10 Aug 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Thought Machine, a cloud native core banking technology company, has joined the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), a non-profit organisation that provides a common framework for banking.

Thought Machine, Banking Industry Architecture Network, BIAN, banking, network, cloud, technology, Vault, banks, Coreless Banking Initiative, Strategic Advisory Group, Infosys, Wells Fargo, PNC, Deloitte

Lumenvox, OneVault team up for voice authentication and fraud prevention ecosystem

30 Mar 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

The South African remote biometric authentication specialist OneVault has partnered with speech processing and authentication technology provider Lumenvox.

Lumenvox, OneVault, partnership, voice biometrics, South Africa, authentication, fraud prevention, financial services, identity management, fraud detection, brokerage, security

WISeKey's starts implementing VaultiTrust's IoT digital identities

27 Jan 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

WISeKey has commenced implementation of VaultiTrust large scale contracts for several clients, Yahoo Finance reveals. 

WISeKey, VaultiTrust, security, IoT, digital identities, corporations, security, trusted data, management, cryptography, customisation service

Bluefin reveals secure payment frame and vaultless tokenization solution

22 Aug 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Bluefin has announced the introduction of ShieldConex, which utilises their patent-pending secure payment frame and vaultless tokenization solution.

Bluefin, launch, secure payment frame, vaultless tokenization, PII, security, fraud, breaches, banks, bank account, credit cards, debit cards, encryption

BOX, Baidu Cloud and Nasdaq to roll out supply chain finance ecosystem

04 Dec 2018 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

China-based institutional crypto wallet provider BOX has launched BOX Ecosystem Model, powered by the combination of BoxVault, WalletMate, and Bolaxy.

BOX, Baidu Cloud, Nasdaq, Bolaxy, BoxVault, WalletMate, product launch, partnership, China, supply chain finance, BOX Ecosystem Model,

Canadian Bank successfully tests deposit box for cryptocurrency companies

09 Nov 2018 | Cryptocurrencies

VersaBank has announced that its new VersaVault project that aims to store cryptocurrency and digital assets had successfully completed beta testing.

VersaBank, Canada, bank, cryptocurrency, blockchain, VersaVault, bitcoin

Rambus launches Vaultify Trade to secure digital assets transactions

23 Oct 2018 | Cryptocurrencies

Rambus has launched Vaultify Trade, a platform that enables the secure storage and transfer of crypto and digital assets using tokenization and encryption technology.

Rambus, tokenization, product launch, fraud prevention, Vaultify Trade, digital assets, cryptocurrency, encryption