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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Unified Commerce and other Unified Commerce-related topics:

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New Indian ecommerce platform to challenge Amazon, Flipkart's market control

News | Ecommerce | 28 Apr 2022

The Indian government is working with tech mogul Nandan Nilekani to develop a platform to help SMEs and reduce market monopoly held by Amazon and Flipkart.

ecommerce, online platform, ecommerce platform, SMEs, merchant, social commerce, unified commerce, retail

Manifesto, Adyen partner to bring the payments experience in the food industry to a new level

News | Online Payments | 30 Apr 2021

Adyen has partnered with Manifesto, an end-to-end solution food hall and ghost kitchen brand, in creating a personalised payments experience in restaurants.

Adyen, partnership, contactless payments, online payments, unified commerce

Adyen, NDM Hospitality partner to bring unified payments across brands

News | Online Payments | 21 Apr 2021

Adyen has been selected by NDM Hospitality, an innovator in the travel and dining industries, to process payments for their brands across Florida.

Adyen, partnership, unified commerce, online payments

Kinepolis partners with Adyen to power payments globally

News | Online Payments | 11 Nov 2020

Adyen has partnered with Kinepolis to help the company embrace true unified commerce for its global network of cinemas.

Adyen, Kinepolis, business partnership, unified commerce, payments systems, online payments

Unified commerce aids retailers in Singapore amid COVID-19 challenges, Adyen data shows

News | Ecommerce | 10 Sep 2020

New data released by Adyen has underscored the importance of unified commerce retail in mitigating sector and wider economic turbulence caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Singapore.

Adyen, research, Singapore, ecommerce, retailers, payments platform, COVID-19, unified commerce

NMI, Miura announce accreditation of M020 card payment solution with Elavon

News | Mobile Payments | 30 Apr 2020

NMI and Miura Systems have announced the accreditation of the M020 card payment solution with Elavon.

Elavon, NMI, Miura, payment processing, unified commerce, payment technology

TrueCommerce upgrades its integration with Adobe (Magento)

News | Ecommerce | 13 Dec 2019

TrueCommerce has announced new upgrades for integration with Adobe (Magento), the ecommerce platform for brands of all sizes that support B2B, B2C and B2E use cases.

TrueCommerce, Adobe , Magento, unified commerce, shipment

Wirecard prototypes Smart Mirror with integrated payment options

News | Ecommerce | 16 Jul 2019

Wirecard has launched its new prototype of a Smart Mirror, and it is the first German intelligent mirror through which consumers can also pay.

Wirecard, payment options, Smart Mirror, launch, QR code, retailer, merchant, unified commerce

Report by Adyen highlights the value of unified commerce to retailers

News | Ecommerce | 24 Apr 2019

A report by Adyen shows that omnichannel shoppers spend 15% more per purchase than those who shop just on one channel.

Adyen, ecommerce, merchant, retailer, retail, unified commerce, omnichannel

Five technology trends that will shape retail in 2019

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 20 Dec 2018

As 2019 approaches, Adyen’s CCO Roelant Prins looks at how retailers will set themselves apart from the competition

Adyen, Roelant Prins, retail, unified commerce, QR code payments, digital wallet, ecommerce, biometrics, fraud prevention, China, local payment methods, wearables, marketplace, Unified Payments, merchant, fraud prevention, GDPR, PSD2, SCA

Omnichannel or the promise of an ideal customer experience

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 23 Nov 2018

Paul Lacroix, Limonetik: "An omnichannel strategy calls for a holistic vision. It should support business growth, ensure customer satisfaction, reduce fraud, and improve customer service."

Limonetik, Paul Lacroix, omnichannel, ecommerce, merchant, retail, Spartoo, Amazon, cross-border ecommerce, unified commerce, customer experience, payments

UK consumers to spend more than US consumers on Black Friday

News | Ecommerce | 20 Nov 2018

UK consumers are expected to spend more than the US consumers on Black Friday, according to a Wirecard report.

UK, ecommerce, US, Black Friday, Wirecard, payments , omnichannel payments, unified commerce

TrueCommerces POS system available in the Square app marketplace

News | Payments General | 08 Nov 2018

TrueCommerce has announced that its TrueCommerce Engage Point of Sale system is now available on the Square App Marketplace.

TrueCommerce, POS, marketplace, merchant, unified commerce

Adyen expands unified commerce offering to Canada

News | Online Payments | 31 Oct 2018

Adyen has announced its platform expansion into Canada and new customers that have selected Adyen as processor: Dollar Shave Club, Adidas, Busbud and Canada Goose.

Adyen, unified commerce, Canada, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, merchant