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Visa invests in MagicCube to facilitate the acceptance of secure payment transactions

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 25 Aug 2020

MagicCube has recieved an investment from Visa to facilitate the acceptance of secure payment transactions for merchants and consumers.

MagicCube, investment, Visa, secure payment transactions, merchants, Tap to Phone, security, contactless cards, PIN, biometrics, terminals, financial institutions, point-of-sale

PayJunction launches contactless payment processing technology

News | Online Payments | 22 Jul 2020

Payment processing technology company PayJunction has launched a contactless payment solution to help businesses reduce potential exposure to the virus for staff and customers. 

PayJunction, launch, contactless payments, PayJunction ZeroTouch Terminal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, NFC, retailer, credit cards, terminals, COVID-19

PopID, Panasonic join forces for contactless payments and drive-thru systems

News | Online Payments | 22 Jun 2020

Cloud-based payments company PopID and the Panasonic Corporation of North America, a subsidiary of tech company Panasonic, have announced a partnership.

PopID, Panasonic, partnership, biometric, face payments, loyalty rewards programmes, US, kiosks, terminals, merchants, contactless payments

Samsung to expand its mobile payments platform with a new payment card

News | Mobile Payments | 26 May 2020

Samsung has unveiled that it is currently developing a payment card that will be associated with its Samsung Pay mobile payments platform.

Samsung, debit card, mobile payments, cards, money management, digital money, management account, transactions , POS, terminals

Mastercard reveals consumer protection programme

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 19 May 2020

Mastercard has unveiled a new consumer protection programme to address the fraud vulnerabilities that exist today at fuel merchants.

MasterCard, consumer protection, measures at the pump, fraud, security, EMV, terminals, vulnerabilities, banks, issuers, fraud prevention, transactions , compliance, safety

TrustPay reveals payments product for merchants

News | Online Payments | 02 Apr 2020

In order to help merchants who face the coronavirus challenges and are forced to adapt their operations almost overnight, TrustPay has launched a new service: ‘payment links’.

TrustPay, merchants, COVID-19, pandemic, coronavirus, payments, card, POS, terminals, online payments, cash flow

Wirecard reveals 'Innovation for Now' to help struggling retailers trade online

News | Online Payments | 01 Apr 2020

Global innovation company for digital financial technology Wirecard has announced it is launching an initiative to support businesses of all sizes and industries.

Wirecard, SAP, retailers, online trade, COVID-19, Futur/io, merchants, payments, POS, terminals

PayFacto, PAX launch PAX A920 payment terminals in Canada

News | Online Payments | 04 Mar 2020

PayFacto and PAX Technology have announced that PAX’s A920 payment terminals are now available for the first time in the Canadian market with PayFacto processing.

PayFacto, PAX, launch, PAX A920, Android, payments, terminals, Canada, e-payments, merchants, security

Local stores accept Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK

News | Mobile Payments | 03 Mar 2020

China-based mobile and online payment platform Alipay HK and WeChat Pay HK have unveiled they can now be used at Macau Pass terminals across retail outlets in the Macau SAR.

local stores, Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK, China, terminals, retail, merchants, cross-border, mobile payment, P2P transactions, payments, digital payments, Macau

BitPay's crypto payments integrate with Poynt's POS devices

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Feb 2020

BitPay and Poynt have announced the integration of BitPay’s Bitcoin and crypto payments with Poynt’s Smart Terminal POS devices at over 100,000 Poynt retailers worldwide.

BitPay, Poynt, Bitcoin, digital assets, cryptocurrency, blockchain, payment, commerce, decentralised currencies, payments, terminals

Amazon might offer hand recognition payments to stores

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 20 Jan 2020

Engadget has reported that Amazon's rumored hand recognition payment tech might be useful beyond paying at Whole Foods stores.

Amazon, hand recognition, payments, biometrics, terminals, cards, data, stolen cards, hackers, theft

Paysafe launches cloud EMV capabilities, expanding omnichannel offering

News | Online Payments | 14 Jan 2020

Paysafe has expanded its omnichannel payments offering, revealing the Cloud SDK from Handpoint, a pioneer in defining integrated payments.

Paysafe, omnichannel, launch, EMV capabilities, expansion, payments, cards, wallets, terminals

Credit card breach affects Disney World restaurants

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 06 Jan 2020

Several restaurants on Disney property have been involved in a credit card breach, Inside the Magic reports.

Disney World, restaurants, credit cards, breach, Landry’s, POS, terminals, payments, malware, security

Guidelines for accessible payments offered by AusPayNet

News | Online Payments | 03 Dec 2019

Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) has announced the release of Guidelines for Accessibility in PIN Entry on Touchscreen Terminals.

AusPayNet, payments, touchscreen, terminals, POS, security, privacy

SwatchPAY!, Wirecard 's boon now available in Germany and Austria

News | Mobile Payments | 28 Nov 2019

Digital financial technology company Wirecard has revealed it is the exclusive payment partner for the SwatchPAY! launch in Germany and Austria.

Wirecard, SwatchPAY!, launch, Germany, Austria, mobile payment, terminals, payments, merchants

NatWest begins biometric credit card trial

News | Cards | 19 Nov 2019

NatWest has announced it is piloting cutting-edge, biometric fingerprint tech with 150 customers, in partnership with Mastercard and Gemalto.

NatWest, UK, bank, biometrics, credit card, fingerprints, debit cards, ATMs, PIN, password, terminals, merchants

CaixaBank offers facial recognition for cash at ATMs withdrawal

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Nov 2019

CaixaBank has become the first financial institution to offer facial recognition to withdraw cash from ATMs, without having to enter a PIN.

CaixaBank, bank, facial recognition, withdraw, cash, ATM, PIN, verification, Spain, terminals

WeChat Pay now integrated into Worldline

News | Mobile Payments | 07 Nov 2019

Worldline has revealed it is adding WeChat Pay to its payment solution in Switzerland, allowing visitors from China to pay using their smartphone.

Worldline, WeChat Pay, Switzerland, merchants, tourism, Acquirer, mobile payments, POS, terminals, China, QR code

NEXT Biometrics, Newland team up for biometrics POS

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 May 2019

Fingerprint sensor tech company NEXT Biometric has entered into a supply agreement with Newland Payment Technology for POS terminals.

Next Biometrics, Newland, partnership, agreement, biometrics, POS, China, fingerprint, sensors, terminals

Basewin Technology plans to incorporate NEXT Biometrics` Aadhaar sensor tech in POS terminals

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 27 Mar 2019

Shanghai-based Basewin Technology has started to integrate NEXT Biometrics’ Aadhaar-certified fingerprint sensor modules into POS terminals.

Basewin Technology, Next Biometrics, Aadhaar, certified sensor, POS, terminals, fingerprint, China, finance, Shanghai, China