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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Tap To Pay and other Tap To Pay-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Tap To Pay and other Tap To Pay-related topics:

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Softpay accepts Dankort wallet payments

News | Payments General | 19 Feb 2024

Europe-based softPOS provider Softpay has announced that its tap-to-phone solution now supports Dankort wallet payments on iOS, aiming to improve payments in Denmark. 

contactless payments, mobile payments, payment methods, Tap-to-Pay, Apple Pay

Crypto payments app Oobit Raises USD 25 mln in Series A funding

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Feb 2024

Singapore-based cryptocurrency payments app Oobit has raised USD 25 million in Series A funding round led by Tether.

cryptocurrency, mobile payments, contactless payments, Tap-to-Pay, funding

FNB discontinues Tap-to-Pay feature

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 05 Feb 2024

Ghana-based First National Bank (FNB) has informed its clients that the Tap-to-Pay functionality has been discontinued for the near future.

Tap-to-Pay, mobile payments, digital wallet, virtual card, payment methods

Viva.com partners with Conecs

News | Payments General | 29 Jan 2024

European cloud-based technology bank Viva.com has partnered with Conecs to allow physical and digital meal voucher card transactions via its Terminal app. 

mobile payments, contactless payments, partnership, Tap-to-Pay, card scheme

Octopus expands digital payment in Hong Kong taxis

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Jan 2024

China-based card payment provider Octopus has announced that it will expand digital payment for taxi rides in Hong Kong.

mobile payments, Tap-to-Pay, QR payments, online platform, POS

MagicCube partners with Shift4 for i-Accept Tap-to-Pay solution

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Jan 2024

US-based IoT security platform MagicCube has teamed up with payment processor Shift4 to offer the i-Accept Tap-to-Pay solution to US merchants.

Tap-to-Pay, mobile payments, merchant, SoftPOS, Android

HitPay introduces Tap to Pay on iOS in several countries

News | Mobile Payments | 08 Jan 2024

Singapore-based payment platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) HitPay has launched Tap to Pay on iOS devices in Australia, Canada, France, the UK, and the US. 

Tap-to-Pay, mobile payments, NFC, POS, payment methods

Mastercard launches contactless payment solutions in Nigeria

News | Payments General | 21 Dec 2023

Mastercard has announced the launch of contactless payment solutions in Nigeria, aiming to drive digital payment transformation in the region.

product launch, digital payments, paytech, contactless payments, QR code, QR payments, payment processing, SMEs, merchants, digitalisation, Tap-to-Pay, NFC, fintech

TOMRA Partners with Shift4

News | Payments General | 11 Dec 2023

Shift4 has partnered with Finland-based TOMRA to provide digital ‘Tap-On-Card’ money-back capabilities on reverse vending machines.

Tap-to-Pay, money-back, digital payments, partnership, digitalisation

The future of Tap-to-Pay payments

Interviews | Mobile Payments | 08 Dec 2023

Stephane Pilloy, Chief Executive Officer, myPOS Limited, discusses the future of Tap-to-Pay payments, their broader global acceptance, and the benefits this type of contactless payment can bring to merchants and customers alike.

Tap-to-Pay, online payments, cashless, ecommerce, digitalisation, contactless payments, EMV, partnership, POS, SoftPOS, NFC, e-invoicing, mobile payments

First Atlantic Commerce, Mastercard partner for financial inclusion

News | Online Payments | 07 Dec 2023

Global card issuer and tech company in the payments industry, Mastercard, has recently partnered with online payment gateway and fraud management solution provider, First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), to boost financial inclusion across Central America and the Caribbeans. 

ecommerce, digital payments, digitalisation, partnership, financial inclusion, multi currency treasury solutions, fraud prevention, Tap-to-Pay

Transformative trends in ecommerce and what to expect in 2024

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 07 Dec 2023

Lee Jones, CEO of Merchant Services UK at Worldline, discusses the dynamic evolution in payments and the three key trends for merchants to consider moving into 2024. Emphasising the vital role of cutting-edge technologies, he stresses the need for retailers to ensure frictionless customer experiences and robust, fraud-resistant payment solutions.

ecommerce, ecommerce platform, online platform, online shopping, online payments, payments , digital payments, Tap-to-Pay, PSP, payment fraud, artificial intelligence, two-factor authentication, PSD3

Square launches Tap-to-Pay on iPhone in the UK

News | Mobile Payments | 01 Dec 2023

US-based payments platform Square has announced the launch of Tap-to-Pay on iPhone for its sellers across the UK aiming to improve their operations.

Tap-to-Pay, contactless payments, payments , mobile payments, product launch, POS

Worldline enables Tap to Pay on iPhone for French businesses

News | Mobile Payments | 14 Nov 2023

France-based payment services provider Worldline has announced that it enabled Tap to Pay on iPhone for large French merchant customers. 

product launch, mobile payments, Tap-to-Pay, payment methods, ecommerce

Apple launches Tap to Pay on iPhone in Ukraine

News | Mobile Payments | 02 Nov 2023

Apple has enabled Tap to Pay functionality on iPhones in Ukraine, allowing the use of iPhones as payment terminals in the country.

Tap-to-Pay, contactless payments, credit card, debit card, NFC

Aurionpro Transit and Mastercard offer digital payments for commuters

News | Mobile Payments | 31 Oct 2023

Singapore-based transportation fintech Aurionpro Transit has partnered with Mastercard to offer commuters a modern contactless payment method for public transport.

mobile payments, digital payments, partnership, Tap-to-Pay, digital wallet

Zeller introduces Tap-to-Pay on iPhone

News | Mobile Payments | 31 Oct 2023

Zeller has launched Tap-to-Pay on iPhone to enable business owners to accept contactless payments by utilising the Zeller iOS app. 

Tap-to-Pay, mobile payments, merchant, contactless payments, ecommerce

The value of digital payments in the transit and mobility sector

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 31 Oct 2023

Zoltan Gyenge, myPOS Managing Director DACH and Hungary, discusses how contactless payments help advance the transportation industry, improve passenger experience, and make cities greener.


mobile payments, mobile money, SoftPOS, public transportation, contactless payments, online payments, digital payments, one-click payments, travel payments, COVID-19, Tap-to-Pay, cross-border payments

Softpay and Dotykacka launch Tap-to-phone payments

News | Payments General | 26 Oct 2023

Softpay and multifunctional POS system solution provider Dotykacka have launched Tap-to-phone payments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Nexi as the acquirer.

partnership, paytech, contactless payments, SoftPOS, Tap-to-Pay, NFC, payment methods, mobile payments, fintech

myPOS launches Tap-to-Pay on iPhone

News | Payments General | 18 Oct 2023

UK-based payments company, myPOS, is introducing Tap-to-Pay on iPhone for businesses in the UK. 

paytech, Tap-to-Pay, fintech, payments , ecommerce, merchant