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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Social Commerce and other Social Commerce-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Social Commerce and other Social Commerce-related topics:

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Union54 introduces ChitChat in Zambia

News | Online Payments | 25 Mar 2024

Zambia-based card issuing fintech startup Union54 has announced the launch of ChitChat in the region, aiming to improve the digital finance and social commerce landscape in Africa. 

product launch, digital wallet, digital payments, partnership, social commerce, financial inclusion

The paytech trends that will drive change in 2024

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 05 Mar 2024

Irene Skrynova from Unlimit outlines key 2024 payment trends, including the growth of social commerce and the introduction of EU e-wallets.

paytech, social commerce, ecommerce, cross-border payments

The role of live commerce in the context of cross-border trade

Interviews | Ecommerce | 21 Feb 2024

Li-Xiong Chu, Account Director at Maximum Advertising Group, talks about the role of live commerce in the context of cross-border trade and examines its prospects.

livestream shopping, ecommerce, cross-border ecommerce, social commerce, sustainability , artificial intelligence, digitalisation, online shopping, expansion

Metal cards hyperpersonalisation: a key to enhancing the relationship between customers and financial institutions

Voice of the Industry | Cards | 12 Dec 2023

As consumers’ expectations for individualised products rise, and the banking market has added a broad range of players, Megan Heinze from IDEMIA shares how traditional banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions are adapting offerings to remain relevant and attract consumers.

customer experience, Gen Z, credit card, debit card, personal finance management, social commerce

TikTok partners with GoTo to support online shopping in Indonesia

News | Ecommerce | 11 Dec 2023

TikTok has entered into a joint venture with Indonesian tech company GoTo to resume its online shopping operations in the country.

partnership, social commerce, ecommerce, online shopping

Super apps and social commerce – a new global way of doing business

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 06 Dec 2023

Ryan McQueen, Management Director of Payments and Open Data Practice at Accenture, offers insights into super apps and social commerce as a global way to do business.

ecommerce, omnichannel, ecommerce platform, payments , social commerce, super app, equity, insurance, unbanked, digital wallet, digital payments, digitalisation, PSP, direct to consumer, platform, online platform

CommentSold partners with TikTok

News | Online Payments | 18 Aug 2023

CommentSold, a fashion live-selling technology company, has partnered with TikTok Shop to enable a live-selling integration in the US.

ecommerce, retail, livestream shopping, social commerce, online platform

Calaxy social marketplace launches app built on Hedera

News | Ecommerce | 11 Aug 2023

Social marketplace Calaxy has launched its application built on the Hedera network, a blockchain alternative powering the next generation of Web3, to further creator monetisation.

product launch, ecommerce, payments , paytech, social commerce, web3, blockchain, crypto, payout, creator economy, fintech, NFT, marketplace

CedCommerce launches TikTok Shop Connector

News | Ecommerce | 10 Aug 2023

Multichannel enabler CedCommerce has announced the launch of TikTok Shop Connector, an integration solution that connects ecommerce platforms with TikTok Shop.

product launch, ecommerce, online shopping, video commerce, social commerce, fintech, merchants, marketplace, ecommerce platform

PayTabs partners with MEPS to enter Palestine's web commerce market

News | Online Payments | 09 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia-based PayTabs has partnered with Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) to enable digital payments in Palestine.

online payments, payment gateway, social commerce, ecommerce, SMEs

Atome partners with TikTok Shop

News | Ecommerce | 21 Jul 2023

Digital consumer financing platform Atome has announced a partnership with TikTok Shop that aims to drive ecommerce growth in Malaysia.

partnership, payments , ecommerce, social commerce, BNPL, instalment payments, paytech, fintech, merchants, SMEs, lending, online shopping

TikTok opens pop-up shop in the UK

News | Payments General | 07 Jul 2023

Video-sharing app TikTok has opened its first pop-up shop in London, aimed at existing and prospective merchants and creators.

product launch, expansion, ecommerce, payments , retail, online shopping, merchants, livestream shopping, social commerce, online platform, marketplace

Klarna research: AI, AR, VR to support future shopping

News | Ecommerce | 19 May 2023

Global payments and shopping service Klarna has released data that reveals AI, AR, VR, and robots are likely to support and dominate the future shopping landscape.

research, survey, ecommerce, shopping, online shopping, artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, virtual reality, social commerce, digitalisation, fintech, data, data analytics

PayTabs augments social media sales in MENA with ReelsPay

News | Online Payments | 09 May 2023

Saudi Arabia-based fintech PayTabs has announced that micro merchants and freelancers across the UAE, KSA, and Egypt can sell more over social media with ReelsPay by Paymes.

social commerce, Instagram, online payments, ecommerce, SMEs

France – overview of key ecommerce insights and trends

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 25 Apr 2023

This is a snapshot of the insights that matter most when measuring the size and type of opportunities in the ecommerce market in France.

ecommerce, online shopping, COVID-19, social commerce, retail, merchants, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, BNPL, mobile payments, refund, crypto, cryptocurrency, regulation, digital assets, KYC

Spain – overview of key ecommerce insights and trends

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 10 Apr 2023

This is a snapshot of the insights that matter most when measuring the size and type of opportunities in the ecommerce market in Spain.

ecommerce, online shopping, COVID-19, omnichannel, social commerce, cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce, retail, merchants, marketplace, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, BNPL, mobile payments, cross-border logistics, refund

YouTube shuts down Indian social commerce app Simsim

News | Ecommerce | 27 Mar 2023

YouTube has decided to shut down its live social commerce app Simsim, and made commitments to building a ‘seamless shopping experience for viewers.’

ecommerce, livestream shopping, social commerce, social engineering, online shopping

Online payments and 2023 economic trends: insights from Macropay's Adam J Clarke

Interviews | Online Payments | 21 Mar 2023

Adam J Clarke, CEO & Founder of Macropay, delves into the economic trends that are expected to shape 2023 and their impact on the payment industry.

online payments, payments , inflation, cash flow, digital payments, transactions , ecommerce, BNPL, social commerce, COVID-19

WPP, Stripe expand commerce and payments solutions

News | Payments General | 17 Feb 2023

Creative transformation company WPP has partnered with financial infrastructure platform for businesses Stripe to expand commerce and payments solutions for brands.

partnership, payments , social commerce, ecommerce, digitalisation, payments infrastructure, ecommerce platform, digital payments, online shopping, fintech, marketplace

Clickatell launches Chat 2 Pay on Whatsapp for customers of FlySafair

News | Mobile Payments | 03 Feb 2023

US-based chat commerce company Clickatell has rolled out Chat 2 Pay, enabling airline FlySafair’s customers to pay for luggage on the latter’s Whatsapp channel.

mobile payments, WhatsApp, travel payments, product launch, social commerce