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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SMEs and other SMEs-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SMEs and other SMEs-related topics:

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Nucleus Commercial Finance secures GBP 200 mln

News | Payments General | 30 Nov 2023

Nucleus Commercial Finance (NCF) has announced up to GBP 200 million in new funding from NatWest to strengthen its SME loans business.

funding, lending, SME lending, SMEs, financial inclusion

Trade Ledger partners with 10x Banking

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Nov 2023

Trade Ledger has announced its partnership with 10x Banking to optimise commercial lending with secure and comprehensive account creation and lending solutions. 

partnership, product launch, banking, SMEs, lending, SME lending, online banking, digital banking, mobile banking, financial services, financial institutions, banks

XTransfer partners with TransferMate

News | Payments General | 27 Nov 2023

B2B foreign trade financial service provider XTransfer has partnered with TransferMate to provide importers and exporters with additional market opportunities. 

partnership, SMEs, FX , cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce

FrontEdge raises USD 10 mln in equity and debt

News | Payments General | 24 Nov 2023

Nigeria-based fintech, FrontEdge, has raised USD 10 million in a debt and equity seed round led by lead investor, TLG Capital. 

funding, investment, SMEs, cross-border logistics

Funding Circle partners with Atom Bank

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 24 Nov 2023

UK-based lending platform Funding Circle has partnered with Atom Bank to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with convenient access to funding. 

partnership, funding, financing , online platform, banks, financial services, SMEs, SME lending

Crezco raises USD 12m in Series A funding and partners with Xero

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 23 Nov 2023

UK-based SME payments fintech Crezco has raised USD 12 million in a Series A funding round and entered into a partnership with Xero.

partnership, fintech, account-to-account payment, SMEs, funding

Thought Machine partners with Trafalgar

News | Payments General | 23 Nov 2023

Trafalgar has partnered with Thought Machine to build a Mexico-based fintech deployed on next-generation core technology.  

banking, SMEs, financial services, POS, digitalisation

ScotPac and Ebury partner to help Australian businesses expand globally

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 23 Nov 2023

Australia-based non-bank business lender ScotPac has teamed up with financial services provider Ebury to facilitate global trade for all businesses.

expansion, lending, SMEs, cross-border payments, FX , cash flow

TRIVER additionally raises GBP 20 mln

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 22 Nov 2023

UK-based SME working capital provider TRIVER has secured GBP 20 million to continue offering funding to small businesses and further its product development.

financing , SMEs, artificial intelligence, cash flow, lending

RapiPay and Jana Small Finance Bank unveil digital banking app NYE

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 22 Nov 2023

India-based fintech RapiPay has teamed up with Jana Small Finance Bank to offer a digital banking experience to customers through its NYE financial mobile app.

fintech, mobile banking, SMEs, digital banking, financial inclusion

Enfuce partners with Funding Circle

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Nov 2023

Finland-based card issuing and processing company Enfuce has partnered with UK-based lending platform Funding Circle to launch its new credit card for small businesses.

SMEs, credit card, digital banking, lending, SME lending

Adyen launches Capital

News | Payments General | 16 Nov 2023

Financial technology platform for businesses Adyen has launched Capital, a solution that allows platform customers to access funding for their SME users in Australia. 

SMEs, funding, embedded finance, financial services

Mastercard and CARE partner to launch Strive Women

News | Payments General | 16 Nov 2023

Mastercard and CARE have launched Mastercard Strive Women, a new program that aims to strengthen the financial health and resilience of small businesses. 

SMEs, credit card, financial inclusion, funding, partnership

PayRange wallet supports funding through PayPal and Venmo

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Nov 2023

US-based mobile payment system PayRange has integrated PayPal and Venmo as funding sources in its digital wallet (US only).

mobile payments, digital wallet, payment methods, SMEs

WorldFirst to launch ecommerce digital finance solutions in Southeast Asia

News | Ecommerce | 14 Nov 2023

UK-based WorldFirst, a digital payment and financial platform for cross-border trade SMEs, has planned to expand digital finance solutions for SMEs in Southeast Asia.

SMEs, ecommerce, trade finance, cross-border payments, growth markets

ANEXT Bank launches API repository to boost financial inclusion for SMEs

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Nov 2023

Singapore-based digital bank ANEXT Bank has strengthened financial inclusion with the launch of its ANEXT Programme and welcomed three new platform partners.

SMEs, ecommerce, cash flow, API, survey, financial inclusion

Bluevine launches business banking plan

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Nov 2023

US-based digital banking platform Bluevine has announced the launch of Bluevine Premier, a new business banking plan designed for small businesses. 

product launch, digital banking, accounts payable, cross-border payments, SMEs

Transforming FX in Brazil: Bexs Banco's journey, transition to Ebury, and beyond

Interviews | Payments General | 09 Nov 2023

We sat down with Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., the CEO of Bexs Banco, at Money 20/20 USA to discuss more about Bexs, its transition to Ebury, recent developments in Brazil, and the company's future goals.

FX , acquisition, cross-border payments, banking, digital payments, B2B payments, digital banking, merger, digitalisation, SMEs

Tide partners with BT

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Nov 2023

UK-based digital business financial platform Tide has partnered with BT to support SMEs in accessing money management and saving solutions for their businesses. 

SMEs, fintech, digital banking, e-invoicing, online banking, credit access

Froda and Ageras expand financing for SMEs across Europe

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 07 Nov 2023

Sweden-based fintech Froda has partnered with Denmark-based software provider Ageras to increase access to finance for SMEs across Europe.

SMEs, financing , expansion, lending, partnership