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SmartMetric to introduce cryptocurrency key storage on its biometric card platform

News | Cards | 14 Dec 2020

SmartMetric has moved forward its planned release of its crypto key storage technology for use with credit and debit cards.

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SmartMetric, ServiRed team up for biometric cards with Advantis EMV chip

News | Cards | 04 Jun 2020

US-based biometric software company SmartMetric has entered into an agreement with ServiRed to manufacture and launch a biometric fingerprint-activated credit card. 

SmartMetric, partnership, ServiRed, biometrics, cards, Advantis, EMV chip, US, fingerprints, credit card, payments

More than 8.2 billion chip cards with EMV chips are used globally

News | Cards | 24 Jan 2020

EMVCo, a consortium of financial companies, has announced that more than 8.2 billion chip cards with EMV chips are now in use globally.

EMVCo, cards, EMV, payments, card chips, biometrics, chip based cards, debit cards, US, SmartMetric

46 percent of consumers says biometric authentication is more secure than passwords

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Aug 2019

A SmartMetric research has revealed that 46% of consumers prefer biometric authentication perceiving it as more secure than passwords/PINs.

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SmartMetric develops biometric fingerprint validated credit/debit cards

News | Cards | 23 Jul 2019

SmartMetric has developed super thin electronic components and thin circuit board tech, in a bit to create biometric fingerprint validated and activated credit/debit cards.

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SmartMetric to manufacture biometric credit card with the Advantis

News | Cards | 06 Feb 2019

SmartMetric has entered into an agreement and to manufacture the SmartMetric biometric credit card with the Advantis credit and debit card EMV chip technology.

SmartMetric, Advantis, biometric card, smart card

SmartMetric brings live finger detection to biometric card

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Nov 2018

SmartMetric has added live finger detection into its biometric card fingerprint scanner, in order to detect the legitimacy of the card user.

SmartMetric, biometrics, finger detection, cards, security, card chip, cybersecurity, transaction

SmartMetric launches biometric credit card

News | Cards | 16 Jul 2018

SmartMetric has announced its new biometric credit card designed to add a layer of security to online transactions.

biometric card, SmartMetric, security, fingerprint

SmartMetric develops biometric card for banks and consumers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 24 Apr 2018

SmartMetric has developed a biometric credit card to protect consumers and banks against fraud.

SmartMetric, biometrics, biometric card, fingerprint, security