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Zwipe, Wisecard team up for biometric payment cards adoption

News | Cards | 24 Aug 2020

Norway-based biometric fintech company Zwipe has teamed up with China-based EMV personalisation and payment solutions supplier Wisecard Technology.

Zwipe, Wisecard, biometrics, payment cards, smart cards, biometrics, fintech, payment solutions

Zwipe partners with Publicenter to develop biometric payment cards in Italy

News | Cards | 02 Jul 2020

Zwipe has partnered with Italy-based smart card manufacturer Publicenter to bring its Zwipe Pay ONE platform in the development of fingerprint-enabled cards.

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IDEX Biometrics achieves EMVCo certification

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 Jan 2020

Provider of fingerprint identification and authentication solutions IDEX Biometrics has passed the EMVCo Security Evaluation for its development site in UK.

IDEX Biometrics, biometric sensor, EMVCo certification, UK, security, fingerprint identification, authentication, smart cards, card manufacturers

Fingerprint Cards, Valid to launch contactless biometric payment cards

News | Cards | 05 Dec 2019

Fingerprint Cards has team up with Valid, aiming to develop contactless biometric payment cards that integrate the T-shape module designed by Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards, partnership, VALid, contactless cards, biometrics, payment cards, smart cards, T-Shape, banks, merchants

IDEX Biometrics, Chutian Dragon sign on-card enrollment patent license agreement

News | Cards | 09 Oct 2019

IDEX Biometrics has entered a worldwide license agreement with Asia-based smart card manufacturer Chutian Dragon to use IDEX’s biometric enrollment intellectual property.

IDEX Biometrics, on-card enrollment, patent license, Chutian Dragon, cards, biometrics, smart cards

Thales presents details for Gemalto biometrics and digital identity business integration

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 04 Oct 2019

Thales has affirmed that the integration of Gemalto into its ‘Digital Identity and Security’ (DIS) will result in average organic sales growth of 4% to 6% between 2020 and 2023.

Thales, integration, Gemalto, biometrics, digital identity, security, defense, IOT, encryption, data protection, smart cards, management, cybersecurity

IDEMIA, IDEX Biometrics sign patent license agreement for on-card enrollment solutions

News | Cards | 04 Oct 2019

IDEMIA and IDEX Biometrics have entered a worldwide license agreement for use of IDEX’s biometric enrollment intellectual property.

IDEMIA, patent license agreement, on-card enrollment, IDEX Biometrics, biometrics, cards, smart cards, fingerprints, banks

IDEX Biometrics, Feitian partner for inlay solution for biometric cards

News | Cards | 08 Aug 2019

IDEX Biometrics has announced it teamed up with China-based smart card integrator Feitian on biometric smart card manufacturing.

IDEX Biometrics, Feitian, partnership, inlay solution, biometrics, cards, smart cards, card makers, China

G+D Mobile Security to launch cards personalisation bureau in South Africa

News | Cards | 06 Aug 2019

G+D Mobile Security has announced opening a new personalisation bureau in Johannesburg on August 13, 2019.

G+D Mobile Security, cards, smart cards, mobile payments, mobile security, South Africa, cyber risks

NEXT Biometrics offers card specification for payment network

News | Cards | 14 May 2019

NEXT Biometrics has announced it is supporting one of the five US payment networks in mapping out biometric system-on-card (BSoC) specifications for payment smart cards.

Next Biometrics, Card Specification, payment network, BSoC, smart cards, biometrics, US, payments, fingerprint, sensor technology, certification processes

IDEX, Chutian Dragon, PAX to accelerate smart card adoption in Asia

News | Cards | 30 Apr 2019

Norway-based fingerprint tech company IDEX Biometrics has partenered with Chutian Dragon and PAX Technology to speed up biometric payment cards adoption in Asia.

IDEX, Chutian Dragon, PAX, biometrics, smart cards

IDEMIA reveals security smart cards resistant to quantum computers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Apr 2019

IDEMIA has implemented a smart card, an asymmetric post-quantum algorithm, creating an unforgeable signature when using a quantum computer for authentication.

IDEMIA, launch, security, smart cards, quantum computers, authentication, Signature, asymmetric cryptosystems, safety, PIN, biometrics, digital security, IOT

NEXT Biometrics, MK Group to bring authentication solutions in Vietnam, South Africa, and Brazil

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 13 Mar 2019

Fingerprint sensor technology company NEXT Biometrics and secure authentication and smart card solutions provider MK Group have agreed to extend cooperation.

Next Biometrics, MK Group, partnership, security, authentication, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, fingerprint, smart cards, identity, access management, PKI, biometrics, payment cards

NEXT Biometrics to sample dual interface smart card solutions

News | Cards | 23 Jan 2019

NEXT Biometrics has announced that it will start sampling its dual interface smart card solution called One Touch Flex in Q2 of 2019.

Next Biometrics, smart cards, payments, contactless, biometrics, ISO, security, fingerprint

Fingerprints, FEITIAN to bring out biometric payment cards

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 06 Dec 2018

Fingerprint Cards and FEITIAN have entered a partnership, which will see Biometrics by Fingerprints in contactless payment cards by FEITIAN.

fingerprints, Feitian, biometrics, payment cards, smart cards, T-Shape

NEXT Biometrics, MK Group launch R&D program for smart cards

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Nov 2018

NEXT Biometrics has announced is joining with MK Group to launch an R&D program for biometric smart cards for banking and other applications.

Next Biometrics, MK Group, smart cards, Vietnam, fingerprint

IDEX Biometrics, XH Smart Tech team up for biometric cards

News | Cards | 02 Nov 2018

IDEX Biometrics has announced its partnership with XH Smart Tech in China to deploy biometric cards.

IDEX Biometrics, XH Smart Tech, biometrics, blockchain, IOT, smart cards, contactless sensors, partnership, China

Hengbao, IDEX Biometrics to introduce biometric smart cards in South-East Asia

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Sep 2018

Hengbao and IDEX Biometrics have partnered to introduce contact based biometric smart cards across the Asian market, with future plans to trial dual-interface cards.

Hengbao, IDEX Biometrics, smart cards, South-East Asia

Precise Biometrics releases algorithm solution for smart cards

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 May 2018

Precise Biometrics has released Precise BioMatch Card, an algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in smart cards, providing secure identity authentication.

Precise Biometrics, smart cards, Precise BioMatch Card, fingerprints, security, authentication

IT company features fingerprint sensors by Precise Biometrics and FPC

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 03 Jan 2018

South Korea-based company ManeulLab has launched a range of smart cards which features the 1300 series of fingerprint sensors by Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics.

fingerprint, Precise Biometrics, Fingerprint Cards, partnership, ManeulLab, smart cards, South Korea, BioMatch Embedded