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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Sharing Economy and other Sharing Economy-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Sharing Economy and other Sharing Economy-related topics:

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Bolt plans further expansion into Africa

News | Ecommerce | 20 Feb 2023

Estonia-based e-hailing company Bolt has planned to further expand into Africa with a EUR 500 million investment aiming to create new opportunities for drivers on the continent.

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Marqeta selected by Mastercard to enable seamless payments

News | Mobile Payments | 21 Jul 2022

Global modern card issuing platform Marqeta has announced it was named the payment processor of choice for Opal Plus, a new transit programme for transport in Australia, in partnership with Mastercard Prepaid Managed Services (MPMS).

partnership, sharing economy, investment, digitalisation, public transportation, mobile payments

Steven expands expense sharing in Europe through Enfuce

News | Mobile Payments | 12 May 2022

Sweden-based fintech Steven has chosen Enfuce as its payment card issuing provider to  expand the former’s expense sharing solution in Europe.

mobile payments, partnership, spend management, sharing economy, MasterCard, Issuer

Bolt receives USD 709 mln to expand transportation and food delivery app

News | Ecommerce | 11 Jan 2022

Estonia-based hire vehicle company Bolt has announced it raised approximately USD 709 million at a valuation of USD 8.4 billion to continue expanding its super app.

Bolt, funding, expansion, delivery, sharing economy, ecommerce

Hidden frauds that translate into marketplace losses

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 04 Feb 2021

Jeremy Gottschalk of Marketplace Risk presents the variables that explain the increase in marketplace fraud and types of fraud that have proliferated during the pandemic

Marketplace risk, online fraud, ecommerce, sharing economy, money laundering

Square adds DoorDash to its on-demand delivery platform

News | Ecommerce | 09 Dec 2020

Square has added DoorDash to its on-demand delivery platform, so now sellers can tap into DoorDash’s nationwide network of Dashers as a new fulfilment option. 

Square, DoorDash, delivery, on-demand, sharing economy, ecommerce

Online marketplaces at the border: between challenges and disruption

Interviews | Ecommerce | 10 Jan 2020

Jeremy Gottschalk, Marketplace Risk: As marketplaces continue to disrupt traditional business models, we can expect to see a push back by traditional businesses and government agencies and officials as well, who may see marketplaces as a threat

Marketplace risk, event, ecommerce, risk management, sharing economy