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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SEPA and other SEPA-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SEPA and other SEPA-related topics:

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EPC publishes the SEPA Payment Account Access scheme rulebook

News | Online Payments | 01 Dec 2022

The European Payments Council (EPC) has published the first SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) scheme rulebook. 

SEPA, SEPA API Access Scheme, instant payments, instant settlement

LHV UK joins TIPS to facilitate access to real-time Euro payments

News | Online Payments | 17 Nov 2022

Banking services provider LHV UK has joined the TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) to facilitate access to real-time Euro payments.

real-time payments, SEPA, instant payments, Target Instant Payment Settlement

Lightyear taps LHV for instant EUR payments

News | Payments General | 10 Nov 2022

UK-based investment platform Lightyear has partnered with banking services provider LHV to equip itself with real-time EUR payments and other banking services.

SEPA, SWIFT, Virtual IBAN, trading platform, real-time payments, instant payments, FX

European Commission proposes law for EUR instant payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 Oct 2022

The European Commission has adopted a legislative proposal to make instant payments in euro, available to all citizens and businesses holding a bank account in the EU and in EEA countries, according to the official press release. 

instant payments, regulation, SEPA

aifinyo brings flat rate for B2B international transfers to German market

News | Mobile Payments | 13 Oct 2022

Germany-based smart billing fintech aifinyo has announced offering a flat rate for B2B international transfers for the first time in the German market. 

product launch, cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce, payment processing, digital currency, SEPA

Knab extends Worldline partnership with back-office processing

News | Payments General | 06 Oct 2022

Netherlands-based online bank Knab has chosen Worldline for back-office processing when handling SEPA Batch payments and multi-currency payments.

SEPA, payment processing, partnership, Worldline, digital banking

Worldline, DFM partner to boost instant payments, clearing, and settlement

News | Online Payments | 27 Sep 2022

The Netherlands-based financing partner for enterprises DFM has chosen global player in payment services Worldline to be its instant payments and clearing & settlement mechanism partner. 

partnership, online payments, payments , payment processor, financial services, financial institutions, financial inclusion, instant payments, SEPA, payout, PSD2, European Payments Council

Request-to-Pay: the promise of a 'qualitative step' for payment

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 23 Sep 2022

Payments expert Andréa Toucinho tackles Request-to-Pay, its benefits, use cases, and how it can be a step up for the payments industry.

Request to Pay, SEPA, SEPA Direct Debit, online payments

Wirex launches SEPA payments as top-up methods

News | Online Payments | 18 Aug 2022

UK-based digital payment platform Wirex has facilitated users to top-up and withdraw from their accounts with the addition of SEPA Instant and Faster Payments.

cryptocurrency, SEPA, partnership, bank account, debit card, credit card

Key Pan-European Fraud-Fighting Initiatives and Developments

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Jul 2022

Regulatory fragmentation hampers Europe-wide fraud prevention and detection. Thomas Egner of the Euro Banking Association highlights some of the ongoing fraud-fighting initiatives and stresses the importance of ecosystem collaboration and harmonisation. 

SEPA, PSD2, fraud prevention, payments , PSP, regulation

Seedrs partners with Form3 and LHV UK for instant and faster payments

News | Online Payments | 07 Jul 2022

Private investment platform Seedrs has partnered with cloud-native payment technology provider Form3 and banking services provider LHV UK to enable it to access UK Faster Payments and SEPA Instant Payments in Europe, to augment its customer offering, according to Fintech Finance.


partnership, Form3, SEPA, instant payments, online payments

Crypto/fiat exchange platform hi introduces personal Iban

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Jul 2022

hi, a next-gen fiat/crypto mobile banking platform, has introduced personal International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for EUR and GBP deposits and withdrawals.

IBAN, Virtual IBAN, SEPA, crypto, mobile money

The European Payments Initiative (EPI) – what is being achieved and what`s next

Interviews | Payments General | 27 Jun 2022

The Paypers speaks with Martina Weimert, CEO of EPI Interim Company, about the latest announcements and developments and future plans for the EPI project.

payments , banks, SEPA, e-wallet, merchant, transactions , regulation, digital identity, BNPL, Open Banking

Surging ecommerce in Italy: lessons to learn for a thriving business

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 17 Jun 2022

Paulina Plowiec-Hanano, Director Partner Development at PPRO, talks about the growing ecommerce market in Italy and the opportunities merchants benefit from by expanding their business in the area and providing the necessary local payment methods for customers.

local payment method, merchants, ecommerce, cross-border ecommerce, online payments, credit card, SEPA, e-wallet, digital wallet

EPC launches consultation on SEPA Payment Account Access Scheme rulebook

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 14 Jun 2022

The European Payments Council has launched a public consultation on the draft rulebook of its new SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) Scheme.

European Payments Council, SEPA, SEPA API Access Scheme, regulation, Open Banking

Modulr launches SEPA Instant service

News | Online Payments | 08 Jun 2022

Embedded payments platform Modulr has launched a real-time Euro payments service, based on the real-time pan European SEPA Instant scheme.

Modulr, SEPA, instant payments, online payments

How can remittance providers and others in the payment chain embark on a crypto journey?

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 27 May 2022

With crypto’s potential to improve payments, especially cross-border, Marcus Bjorklund from Swedish cryptocurrency broker Safello shares advice on how remittance providers and others in the payment chain can embark on a crypto journey.

remittance, payments , crypto, cryptocurrency, retail, crypto asset, e-wallet, digital identity, identity verification, SEPA

SH Payments joins the CENTROlink network

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 May 2022

Lithuania-based fintech SH Payments has enlisted in the CENTROlink payment system to give its clients access to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

product upgrade, IBAN, SEPA, fintech, digital banking

Moneybase launches new digital payments app and range of cards

News | Mobile Payments | 23 May 2022

Malta-based fintech Moneybase has launched a digital payments app and card issuing platform in partnership with Compass Plus Technologies.

digital wallet, virtual card, ecommerce, product launch, P2P payments, SEPA, MasterCard

Moneybase gives away 5,000 free cards

News | Cards | 16 May 2022

Malta-based digital payments app Moneybase has announced it gives away 5,000 free cards, as a response to the positive feedback it received after its first week from launching its mobile app.

SEPA, SEPA Direct Debit, 3-D Secure, fraud prevention, credit card, debit card, instant payments, online payments, cross-border payments, digital payments, digital banking, virtual card, Virtual IBAN