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Singaporeans expect retailers to adopt unified commerce, Adyen report shows

News | Ecommerce | 20 Oct 2020

New data released by Adyen has revealed that Singapore-based consumers were quick to adapt, adopting online channels at a rate well above the global average.

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PAX announces a flexible commercial model for its unattended terminals

News | Online Payments | 21 Apr 2020

PAX Technology, the POS terminal solutions company, has announced a more flexible commercial model for two unattended payment modules, to its EMEA region customers.

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Nuggets addresses mPOS vulnerabilities in favour of secure self-checkout reality

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 18 Feb 2019

Nuggets has warned that the predicted growth of mPOS usage around the world could be put in jeopardy if key security vulnerabilities are not addressed.

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Self-checkout stores seem too risky for UK consumers

News | Payments General | 06 Jun 2018

New research conducted by Paysafe has revealed that 52% of UK consumers are weary of checkout free stores due to data privacy fears. 

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Spar Netherlands opens self-checkout store

News | Ecommerce | 12 Apr 2018

Spar International has opened its first self-checkout supermarket at the Hogeschool Utrecht University campus in the Netherlands.

Spar Netherlands, self-checkout store, mobile payments, in-store payments, ecommerce

Walmart opens self-checkout store in China

News | Ecommerce | 02 Apr 2018

Walmart has opened its first small-sized high-tech supermarket in China, which will allow shoppers to bypass checkout counters by paying with their mobile devices. 

Walmart, self-checkout store, China, smart retail, ecommerce, JD

Co-op trials scan and pay technology with Mastercard

News | Online Payments | 07 Mar 2018

The Co-op, a UK-based grocery retailer, has begun testing scan and go mobile technology in a partnership with Mastercard.

Co-op, Mastercard, scan and pay technology, mobile payments, self-checkout store

Amazon Go – Where do we Go from here?

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 12 Feb 2018

Amazon goes into physical retail. Will it pay off? Regardless of the outcome, Amazon Go will help the online retailer learn a bit more about its customers.

Amazon Go, ecommerce, Amazon, self-checkout store, omnichannel commerce, consumer behaviour

Walmart expands Scan&Go test to 100 stores in the US

News | Ecommerce | 23 Jan 2018

Walmart has announced that is testing Scan&Go self-checkout program to a hundred additional stores in the US.

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