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Here is what European merchants need to be aware of when expanding overseas

Interviews | Interviews | 02 Apr 2019

Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, RISK IDENT: The majority of merchants on both sides of the Atlantic review fewer than 10% of transactions and the reject rate is around 3%

merchants, fraud, ecommerce, Risk Ident, Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, regulation

Interview with RISK IDENT on the basics of device identification

Interviews | Interviews | 31 Jan 2019

The Paypers has interviewed Felix Eckhardt, RISK IDENT’s CTO to learn about using device identification to spot fraudsters in online transactions

Felix Eckhardt, Risk Ident, device identification, online transactions, fraudsters, Multilogin, Antidetect, ecommerce, device attributes

Caller ID: defeating identity theft tactics

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 28 Nov 2018

While fraudsters work hard on feeding the Darknet with data, RISK IDENT and Telekom use data intelligently to do away with telecom fraud

Risk Ident, telecom fraud, Telekom, fraud prevention, darknet, identity theft

On-demand commerce demands a fresh approach to fraud

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 08 Nov 2018

Felix Eckhardt and Piet Mahler of RISK IDENT explain how to finely balance customer expectations with risk management in on-demand businesses

on-demand commerce, fraud prevention, Risk Ident, Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, machine learning

Are you agile enough to take down a fraudster?

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 26 Sep 2018

As fighting fraud is a fast-paced business, Felix Eckhardt, CTO, and Piet Mahler, COO, RISK IDENT, believe that to defend ourselves we need to innovate at the same pace.

Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, Risk Ident, fraud prevention, fraud management, payments, machine learning, software, data breaches

Telecom fraudsters give mobile companies a threatening wake-up call

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 29 Aug 2018

Dustin Clinard, Managing Director at RISK IDENT, on how to reduce romance fraud and account takeover in the telecommunication industry

telecom fraud, Risk Ident, Dustin Clinard, telcos, account takeover, romance fraud, identity theft

BOPIS fraud leaves merchants puzzled, fraudsters rich

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 07 Aug 2018

As Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) shopping becomes significantly popular, RISK IDENT’s Dustin Clinard gives insights into the unique type of fraud that is coming along with it

Dustin Clinard, Risk Ident, merchants, BOPIS, fraud, click-and-collect

Outwitting fraudsters with machine learning and AI

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 17 Jul 2018

RISK IDENT CEO Roberto Valerio sheds light into the way Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work to prevent fraud, going way beyond their buzzwordy meaning

machine learning, artificial intelligence, Roberto Valerio, Risk Ident, fraud prevention, merchants

False positives hurt your business more than you think

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 22 Jun 2018

Businesses should consider false positives part of their fraud prevention strategy to increase sales and keep a good brand reputation. Dustin Clinard from RISK IDENT tells us how.

Dustin Clinard, Risk Ident, false positives, machine learning, fraud prevention, fraud management, ecommerce

UNIVERSUM Group teams up with RISK IDENT for fraud prevention solution

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Jun 2018

UNIVERSUM Group has partnered with RISK IDENT for its proprietary anti-fraud technology, FRIDA, to enable protection of its retailers from online fraud 

UNIVERSUM Group, Risk Ident, anti-fraud technology, FRIDA, fraud prevention

Fraud prevention: the industrys myths and hypes

Interviews | Interviews | 31 May 2018

Roberto Valerio & Dustin Clinard with RISK IDENT reveal the myths and hypes surrounding the fraud prevention industry and best practices in leveraging machine learning and smart data

fraud prevention, machine learning, data, Risk Ident, Dustin Clinard, Roberto Valerio, artificial intelligence

Data breach fatigue leaves no room for snoozing as ATO alarms blare

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 06 Mar 2018

Dustin Clinard, Managing Director at RISK IDENT, believes that, as account takeover grows at an alarming rate, online businesses must improve their antifraud tactics

data breaches, Risk Ident, Dustin Clinard, ATO, account takeover, antifraud tactics

About fraud prevention and how to get the best out of it

Interviews | Interviews | 25 Jan 2018

We sat down with Roberto Valerio, CEO of Risk Ident, and he revealed to us the fraud challenges that companies face and how customers can play an active role in fraud prevention.

fraud prevention, account takeover, Roberto Valerion, Risk Ident, interview, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Dont let fraud rain on your Black Friday parade

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 24 Nov 2017

How to survive Black Friday with all your identity and wallet intact – Roberto Valerio from RISK IDENT has the answer

fraud, Black Friday, shopping, ecommerce, Risk Ident, Roberto Valerio, expert opinion