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Nubank, Remessa Online to offer remittances

News | Payments General | 28 Jul 2021

Brazil-based Nubank and Remessa Online have partnered to offer an international remittance service, according to LABS

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ICICI Bank stops customers from using foreign remittances to invest in digital assets

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Jul 2021

ICICI Bank has intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrency trading, asking customers not to use foreign remittances to invest in digital assets.

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Pipit Global partners with Cellulant for low-cost remittances in Africa

News | Online Payments | 08 Jul 2021

Ireland-based fintech Pipit Global has teamed with Pan-African fintech Cellulant to provide a fast way for Africans in the EU and UK to send cash to Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, and Ghana.

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Thunes partners Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank to power real-time cross-border transfers

News | Online Payments | 29 Jun 2021

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has partnered with Thunes to enable consumers and businesses overseas to send funds to Thailand.

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Remittances in Ghana to be linked to biometric information on the Ghana Card, the Ministry of Finance announces

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Jun 2021

Ghana’s Ministry of Finance has announced that all remittances will be linked to the biometric information on the recipients’ Ghana Card, in a bid to prevent fraudulent account transactions.

remittances, biometrics, fraud prevention

Merchantrade selects IDEMIA to boost the onboarding of customers for its mobile-enabled services

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Jun 2021

Merchantrade, a Malaysia-based money service business operator, has announced that it has selected IDEMIA to boost the onboarding of customers for two of its mobile-enabled services.

IDEMIA, e-wallet, remittances, identity verification, fraud prevention

SECDEX collaborates with KOINON to asset conversion between mobile money and digital assets

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Apr 2021

The Seychelles-based Securities, Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (SECDEX) and KOINON, have partnered to foster the intersection of African B2C and B2B payments and asset conversion between fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and a range of digital assets. 

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Visa expands its service by introducing Visa Direct Payouts

News | Online Payments | 31 Mar 2021

Visa has announced the expansion of Visa Direct, a push payments platform, with the introduction of Visa Direct Payouts. 

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British online remittance service Azimo using USU's customer service solution

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 10 Mar 2021

Germany-based customer service solution USU has announced it is equipping the online money transfer service Azimo with a knowledge management solution for customer service.

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Nium assists customers to remit funds into four major African markets

News | Mobile Payments | 09 Mar 2021

Nium, a global payments platform, has announced that its clients are able to send funds to their business partners located in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria to introduce new scheme for diaspora remittances

News | Payments General | 09 Mar 2021

The Central Bank of Nigeria has explained that its new Naira 4 Dollar Scheme seeks to make remittance through formal bank channels more convenient for Nigerians in the diaspora.

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TerraPay expands into bank account payments in the US and Canada

News | Online Payments | 08 Mar 2021

TerraPay, a global payments infrastructure company, has announced its expansion into bank account payments in the US and Canada.

TerraPay, remittances, money transfer, bank account, online payments

Innovative Payment Solutions partners with Golden Money Transfer

News | Online Payments | 02 Feb 2021

Innovative Payment Solutions (IPSI) has announced an agency agreement with Golden Money Transfer (GMT) to facilitate its money transmission service to Mexico.

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PayPal's Xoom integrates with UPI payments to support instant remittances to India

News | Payments General | 22 Dec 2020

PayPal’s money transfer service Xoom has added the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to its platform, to enable instant money transfers to India, reports Verdict.

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Azimo, dLocal team up to allow remittances in Colombia

News | Online Payments | 11 Dec 2020

Digital money transfer service Azimo has partnered with dLocal, the cross-border payments platform for emerging markets, to allow migrants in Europe and Australia to transfer money to nearly any bank in Colombia. 

Colombia, remittances, partnership, Azimo, dLocal, banks, cross-border, money transfer, online payments

Airopay launches digital payment app in Nigeria

News | Mobile Payments | 03 Dec 2020

Nigeria-based payment infrastructure solution provider Airopay has launched a digital payment app that will allow users to make transactions locally and internationally from their mobile devices.

Airopay, Nigeria, Africa, product launch, mobile payments, transfers, cardless, remittances, bill payments, online purchases

Libra Association to rebrand to Diem

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Dec 2020

The Libra Association has announced rebranding plans to distance itself from the original Facebook-led vision rolled out in 2019, according to CoinDesk.

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TransferWise enables Indonesians to sent remittance payments to 80 different countries

News | Online Payments | 01 Dec 2020

TransferWise has announced that Indonesians and ex-pat workers will be able to send money to 80 different countries.

TransferWise, Indonesia, money transfer, online payments, unbanked, remittances, Cross-Border Payments Regulation, CBPR2, cross-border payments

Ukraine drafts law to open its payment market

News | Payments General | 30 Nov 2020

The Ukrainian Parliament has registered a draft payment services law that aims to open the Ukrainian payment market.

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Western Union expands real-time payout capabilities in 100 countries

News | Online Payments | 24 Nov 2020

Western Union has expanded its real-time digital payout capabilities into 100 countries reaching billions of bank accounts.

Western Union, cross-border payments, remittances, payout, online payments