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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Regulation and other Regulation-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Regulation and other Regulation-related topics:

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Trustly announces acquisition of Ecospend with FCA approval

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Jan 2023

Global payments platform for digital A2A transactions, Trustly, has announced it acquired UK-based Open Banking payments platform Ecospend, following FCA approval.

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South Africa adds new crypto clause to its advertising code

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Jan 2023

The Advertising Regulatory Board in South Africa has added a new cryptocurrency-related clause to the country’s advertising code.

cryptocurrency, regulation, compliance, digital assets

Consumer value in consumer duty

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 Jan 2023

Moneyhub’s Vaughan Jenkins talks about data and consumer-duty, true value exchange, and demand driven by market and regulators. 

Open Banking, Open Finance, regulation, fintech

EU lawmakers prepare stricter cryptocurrency rules for banks

News | Cryptocurrencies | 25 Jan 2023

European Union lawmakers have voted on a new draft law that would impose stricter rules on banks in the bloc that are holding cryptocurrencies.

regulation, compliance, cryptocurrency, banks

Open Banking – risk in the data supply chain

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 25 Jan 2023

Mike Woods, CEO at Konsentus, talks about how banks interact with TPPs via Open Banking and why there are some regulatory loopholes which come with risks to consumer data. 

Open Banking, Open Finance, regulation, fintech, supply chain finance, risk management

UK government reviews regulations for payment services and card interchange fees

News | Online Payments | 24 Jan 2023

HM Treasury has published a call for evidence on Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs 2017) and a post-implementation review of Payment Card Interchange Fee Regulations 2015.

regulation, Interchange Fee Regulation, payments , payment processing

CMA warns HSBC about inaccurate Open Banking information

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 23 Jan 2023

Multinational banking group HSBC has received an official warning from UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regarding failures in providing the correct information about the Open Banking processes.

Open Banking, Open Finance, online banking, regulation, online payments

CFPB issues guidance to eliminate confusing subscription practices

News | Payments General | 20 Jan 2023

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has addressed patterns and other tricks companies use to confuse and deceive consumers enrolled in subscriptions.

subscription payments, subscription economy, compliance, regulation, fraud prevention

The state of Open Banking in APAC today

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Jan 2023

Joe Jelinek, Research Director at Kapronasia, discusses the Open Banking progress made in Asia Pacific and the opportunity for greater financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.

Open Banking, regulation, financial inclusion, Open Finance

KLYM has raised USD 27 mln

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Jan 2023

KLYM, a Colombia-based fintech that provides working capital to small and medium-sized companies, has received a USD 27 million round of investment.

investment, fintech, SMEs, expansion, regulation

Solaris may only accept new customers with BaFin's permission

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Jan 2023

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has announced tightening its regulation of Solaris, the Germany-based technical service provider and executing bank for numerous digital banks and fintech. 

regulation, expansion, BaFin, banking, financial services

French crypto companies to require regulator authorisation by 2024

News | Cryptocurrencies | 19 Jan 2023

French National Assembly members have moved up the date that requires crypto companies to obtain authorisation from regulators in order to operate.

regulation, cryptocurrency, digital assets, cryptocurrency exchange

Thailand issues new rules for crypto custody providers

News | Cryptocurrencies | 19 Jan 2023

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand has introduced new rules for crypto custodians or VASPs that provide crypto storage services.

cryptocurrency, digital assets, regulation, crypto asset

MiCA final vote is postponed due to translating issues

News | Cryptocurrencies | 18 Jan 2023

The final vote for the European Union’s crypto regulation bill, MiCA, has been postponed until April 2023 due to technical difficulties.

MiCA, regulation, European Commission, cryptocurrency, digital assets

Russia and Iran want to launch a gold-backed stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 18 Jan 2023

The Russian Vedomosti news agency has revealed in an article that Russia and Iran are gearing up to launch a new gold-backed stablecoin.

stablecoin, cryptocurrency, cross-border payments, partnership, regulation

DORA has entered into force

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Jan 2023

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), published in the Official Journal of the European Union, has come into force on 16 January 2023 and it applies starting with the 17th.

regulation, European Commission, financial services, fintech, risk management

Italian regulator fines retailer YNAP over USD 5 mln

News | Ecommerce | 17 Jan 2023

Italy’s antitrust agency has penalised online fashion retailer Yoox Net-A-Porter (YNAP) with USD 5.69 million over misleading pricing and its returns policy.

ecommerce, regulation, retail, online shopping, fraud prevention

MoneyMe launches its credit score product

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Jan 2023

MoneyMe, an Australia-based digital lender and non-bank challenger, has launched a credit score product that intrigued 37,000 customers try the Beta Trial.

product launch, BNPL, data, regulation, credit card

Reserve Bank of India governor wants to ban cryptocurrencies

News | Cryptocurrencies | 16 Jan 2023

The governor of the Reserve Bank of India has reinforced his stance on banning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether.

cryptocurrency, central bank, digital assets, regulation

Bank of Thailand to allow virtual banks

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Jan 2023

Bank of Thailand has disclosed plans to allow the nation’s virtual banks to offer services in 2025 amid a push to boost competition and widen loan access.

banks, central bank, financial services, regulation, ATM