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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Radar Payments and other Radar Payments-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Radar Payments and other Radar Payments-related topics:

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Tinkoff selects BPC's SaaS payment services for Asia expansion

News | Payments General | 17 Feb 2022

Tinkoff has selected BPC’s SaaS Cloud payment services for its planned expansion to the Philippines. 

BPC Banking Technologies, Radar Payments, partnership, SaaS, cloud, digital banking

Red Dot Payment taps Radar Payments for ecommerce fraud prevention

News | Ecommerce | 06 Jan 2022

Singapore-based payment service provider Red Dot Payment (RDP) has selected Radar Payments by BPC for its global ecommerce fraud prevention solutions delivered as a SaaS model.

Radar Payments, partnership, fraud prevention, risk management, ecommerce, digitalisation

Cake partners with Radar Payments by BPC

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 09 Nov 2021

Digital banks Cake has partnered with BPC‘s payment processing provider firm Radar Payments, as it plans to scale its offering towards a full suite of digital banking services. 

digital banking, Radar Payments, BPC Banking Technologies

No app is an island – the right collaboration with ecosystem players is the key to success

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 17 Jun 2021

Jay Kie Tan, Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships APAC at Radar Payments, elaborates on the advantages that banks could benefit from by embracing ecosystems

Radar Payments, Open Banking, Open Banking Ecosystem, banks, marketplace

The new era of fraud – how to mitigate fraud risk during challenging times

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 May 2021

Maxim Kuzin, Head of Fraud Prevention and Risk as a Service at Radar Payments, provides a take on the current trends followed by fraudsters in order to commit financial crimes all over the world

Radar Payments, fraud prevention, friendly fraud, social engineering, account takeover

Vista Bank selects Radar Payments to drive its payment processing activities in West Africa

News | Online Payments | 10 May 2021

Vista Bank Group (Vista) has selected Radar Payments to drive its global payment processing activities in West Africa.

Vista Bank, Radar Payments, banks, retail, mobile banking, e-wallet

How fintechs are taking their stake in cross-border payments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 02 Mar 2021

Peter Theunis of Radar Payments elaborates on why fintechs are chosen over banks and the advantages that make them proficient in the realm of cross-border payments

Peter Theunis, Radar Payments, cross-border payments, fintech, money transfer

Radar Payments launches the Tap to Phone mobile payments acceptance solution

News | Mobile Payments | 11 Feb 2021

Switzerland-based payment processing provider Radar Payments has announced the launch of Tap to Phone, a service that allows sellers to use their mobile devices to accept payments.

Radar Payments, product launch, Tap to Phone, mobile payments, online payments, SoftPOS, merchants, EMV cards, NFC, QR codes

Payments: uniting tomorrow's future to today's reality

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 11 Dec 2020

Peter Theunis, CEO & Co-founder of Radar Payments: ‘Streamlining and innovation of payment operations can now be a simultaneous process, rather than a step-by-step course’

Radar Payments, BPC Group, Peter Theunis, banking, e-commerce, paytech, e-wallets, emerging payment instruments, credit, debit, prepaid, virtual cards, digital payments, contactless payments

BPC enters Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program

News | Payments General | 17 Jun 2020

Switzerland-based provider of digital payment solutions BPC has announced that it has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program.

BPC, Visa, Fintech Fast Track Program, Switzerland, digital payment, fintechs, APAC, EMEA, LATAM, VisaNet, SmartVista, Visa Ready, SaaS, PaaS, paytech, Radar Payments

Covid-19 – Embracing the contactless payment habit doesn't mean you need a card. New payment methods are breaking through

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 12 May 2020

Peter Theunis, CEO of Radar Payments by BPC, makes a thorough overview on how implementing mobile payment methods can help with better navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

Peter Theunis, Radar Payments, BPC, Banking Payments Context, mobile payments, COVID19, pandemic, Atomic Habits, New York Times, contactless technology, payment habits, mobile wallet, fitbit smartwatch, contactless payments, cashless, payment networks, cash transactions, Central banks, Near Field Communication, NFC, Strong Customer Authentication, SCA, PSP, ApplePay, GooglePay, QR code payment, NFC technologies

Radar Payments launched by BPC at MPE

News | Online Payments | 20 Feb 2020

BPC has launched Radar Payments, a paytech, offering whitelabel payment-processing capability with a focus on new means of payments including in-store and online payments.

BPC, launch, Radar Payments, merchants, payments , whitelabel, online payments, management, financial institutions, PSPs, fintechs, banks, acquirers, issuers, omnichannel, PaaS, SaaS