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JazzCash and Mastercard offer financial solutions in Pakistan

News | Cards | 18 Oct 2021

Pakistan-based fintech JazzCash has partnered with Mastercard to offer customers in Pakistan access to physical or virtual Mastercard Debit Card and make QR payments.

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Person-to-Merchant QR system launched in the Philippines

News | Mobile Payments | 14 Oct 2021

The Government of Philippines has developed a digital payment system as a result of social-distancing protocols in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic.

QR payments, QR code, financial inclusion, central bank, mobile payments

Eftpos partners banks and retailers to launch QR code payments platform

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Oct 2021

Australia-based payment processor Eftpos has teamed up with several Australia-based banks and retailers to launch eQR, a new QR code payments platform.

mobile payments, partnership, QR payments, product launch, eftpos

AltPayNet teams up with UnionPay for cross border payment solution

News | Mobile Payments | 13 Oct 2021

Hong Kong-based Saas company AltPayNet has partnered with China-based bankcard association UnionPay to aid merchant onboarding and payments processing.

PCI DSS, SaaS, merchant onboarding, QR payments, mobile payments, expansion, partnership

Mode rolls out payments and Bitcoin rewards with THG

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Oct 2021

UK-based fintech Mode has launched Open Banking payments and Bitcoin rewards solution in partnership with ecommerce technology company THG.

Bitcoin, partnership, Open Banking, QR payments, cashback

Payconiq launches in-app QR payments donation option in Belgium

News | Mobile Payments | 07 Oct 2021

Belgium-based payments platform Payconiq by Bancontact has launched Scan for Change, an option created to facilitate payment donations via QR code in the mobile app. 

product launch, mobile payments, QR code, QR payments

PAYBACK launches PAY feature on its app

News | Mobile Payments | 04 Oct 2021

PAYBACK, an India-based loyalty programmes company, has launched the PAY feature on its mobile app, integrating QR-based UPI payments.

UPI, QR payments, loyalty programme, mobile payments

Quick Response: pandemic highlights opportunities for technology to grow in Western markets

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 01 Oct 2021

Ryan Tuttle, Consumer Finance Consultant at Euromonitor International: 'QR codes quickly found their way into new applications, such as restaurant menus, and are positioned for major growth as commerce grapples with a new paradigm moving forward.'

QR code, QR payments, POS, P2P payments, COVID-19

DuitNow and PayNow to link in 2022

News | Mobile Payments | 28 Sep 2021

BANK Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced plans to commence a phased linkage of Malaysia’s DuitNow and Singapore’s PayNow payment systems.

mobile payments, QR payments, PayNow, expansion, regulation

QR codes and the Chinese consumers' digital opportunity for European businesses

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 27 Sep 2021

The ubiquity of QR codes payments proves that this payment method is another growth engine for your business. Jonathan Quin, Head of Europe Strategy at Ant Group, reveals the opportunities brought by Alipay outside China

Alipay, QR payments, mobile payments, payment methods

Krungthai Bank launches QR payment system

News | Mobile Payments | 21 Sep 2021

Thailand-based Krungthai Bank has opened new international money transfer and payment services using QR code between Thailand and Singapore.

mobile payments, QR payments, QR code

Square lets Cash App users make in-store payments with mobile wallet

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Sep 2021

Square, a US-based fintech, has announced it will let Cash App mobile wallet users make purchases with the app when shopping at merchants that use its payment-processing technology.

mobile payments, product upgrade, QR payments, debit card

Liquid Group to power UPI QR acceptance

News | Mobile Payments | 13 Sep 2021

Liquid Group, a Singapore-based fintech, has partnered with payment service provider NPCI International Payments to ensure UPI QR transactions are accepted by merchants across Asia.

partnership, UPI, QR payments, cross-border payments, mobile payments

Building a digital wallet for the future with Huawei Pay

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 13 Sep 2021

As the payments industry has changed and evolved during the pandemic, Chuanyong Ma, Huawei, explains what the pillars for payments innovation are and what is there to expect from the future

digital payments, online payments, mobile banking, e-wallet, QR payments, Huawei

ACI Worldwide partners with MDT Innovations to modernise digital payments for Fave

News | Online Payments | 10 Sep 2021

US-based payment service provider ACI Worldwide has provided foundation for MDT Innovations (MTDi) to support digital platforms across Southeast Asia with real-time payments capabilities.

instant payments, online payments, QR payments, partnership

JustQR contactless payment system launches in Armenia

News | Mobile Payments | 08 Sep 2021

Armenia-based telecom MobiDram has announced its customers will get to make payments in stores and entertainment venues using the system JustQR on their smartphones.

contactless payments, QR payments, POS, mobile payments

Shopify partners with Satispay

News | Mobile Payments | 07 Sep 2021

Canada-based ecommerce company Shopify has announced enabling merchants to integrate the Italy-based payment provider Satispay as a payment method in the Shopify dashboard.

partnership, payment processing, mobile payments, QR payments

epay parters with PayPal for QR code payments

News | Mobile Payments | 07 Sep 2021

Germany-based full-service payment provider epay has announced the integration of the PayPal QR code into its point-of-sale (POS) solution. 

partnership, QR code, QR payments, PayPal, contactless payments

Mobile payments: key market developments

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 07 Sep 2021

Several ecommerce facts and figures on the development and usage of mobile payments provided by Nick Maynard, Lead Analyst at Juniper Research

mobile payments, QR payments, ecommerce, e-wallet, digital payments

Aldi introduces Alipay

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Sep 2021

Germany-based supermarket chain Aldi Süd has announced expanding its payment options to include Alipay, the payment system of the China-based technology company Alibaba Group.

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