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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on QR Code and other QR Code-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on QR Code and other QR Code-related topics:

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Salmon launches Salmon Credit

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 21 Sep 2023

Philippines-based fintech Salmon has rolled out Salmon Credit, a credit line product with built-in QR Ph payment options.

fintech, QR code, QR payments, product launch, credit access, digital wallet

IKEA offers flexible payments through Afterpay

News | Payments General | 20 Sep 2023

The US division of IKEA has introduced its first Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) programme in partnership with Afterpay, offering flexible payment options for shoppers.

BNPL, instalment payments, retail, payment methods, QR code

NPCI launches new UPI payment features

News | Payments General | 07 Sep 2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor has announced the launch of a new UPI digital payments suite built by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

product launch, payments , paytech, digitalisation, fintech, QR code, UPI, Tap-to-Pay, credit access, NFC, artificial intelligence

Crunchfish and LISNR enable offline payments acceptance

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Sep 2023

Sweden-based tech company Crunchfish has partnered with proximity solution provider LISNR to offer a turn-key proximity-based payment solution for banks and merchants.

mobile payments, NFC, QR code, digital payments, checkout optimisation , partnership

YES BANK is live with UPI interoperability on CBDC

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 01 Sep 2023

India-based YES BANK has gone live with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) interoperability on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) app.

product launch, UPI, CBDC, digital currency, banking, fintech, digitalisation, QR code, transactions , crypto

Weave introduces Scan to Pay to payment suite

News | Mobile Payments | 30 Aug 2023

US-based platform for SME healthcare practices Weave has added Scan to Pay to its payment suite, enabling users to scan QR codes to complete transactions.

mobile payments, QR code, QR payments, digital payments, product upgrade

N26 integrates iDEAL to simplify payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 25 Aug 2023

Digital bank N26 has announced an integration with local payment service iDEAL to its digital banking experience in the Netherlands, to help simplify payments for its customers.

partnership, banking, fintech, paytech, neobanks, digital payments, ecommerce, QR code, SEPA, P2P payments

KEPF and GLN International establish QR payment infrastructure

News | Mobile Payments | 25 Aug 2023

Korea Easy Payment Foundation (KEPF) has signed an agreement with GLN International to introduce GLN cross-border QR payment.

cross-border payments, QR code, QR payments, financial inclusion, digital payments

AllBank, Dragonpay to extend QR payments in the Philippines

News | Mobile Payments | 18 Aug 2023

Philippines-based thrift bank AllBank and payments gateway Dragonpay have partnered to extend QR payments to clients and merchants.

product launch, partnership, QR payments, QR code, paytech, fintech, digitalisation, payments , mobile payments, digital payments, SMEs, merchants, customer experience, payment methods

Central Banks of Indonesia and Singapore begin trial on cross-border payments

News | Mobile Payments | 18 Aug 2023

Indonesia’s central bank has announced the start of a trial of cross-border QR code payments with Singapore.

cross-border payments, QR code, QR payments, contactless payments, COVID-19

UnionPay International partners with PayNet

News | Mobile Payments | 09 Aug 2023

UnionPay International has partnered with Malaysia-based Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) to enable cross-border QR code linkage.

partnership, expansion, paytech, fintech, cross-border payments, QR payments, QR code, merchants, digital wallet

Revolve partners with Bolt for FWRD's checkout services

News | Online Payments | 12 Jun 2023

Revolve and Bolt have announced their partnership with FWRD to provide the latter’s new Los Angeles pop-up shop with their omnichannel Checkout Links.

partnership, online payments, digital payments, mobile payments, payments , ecommerce, QR code, QR payments

How dismantling MFA bombing can prevent ATO fraud

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Jun 2023

Louise Watson, Product Marketing Manager at Ping Identity, tackles the evergreen topic of account takeover utilising the best-in-class techniques and technologies, including push notifications, and FIDO2 passwordless authentication.

FIDO, online security, digital identity, identity verification, identity fraud, QR code, multi-factor authentication, fraud prevention, online payments, contactless payments, biometric authentication, account takeover, fraud detection, online authentication, two-factor authentication

Google Wallet introduces QR and insurance card compatibility

News | Mobile Payments | 02 Jun 2023

Google has announced Google Wallet will introduce QR card and insurance card compatibility. 

product upgrade, virtual card, QR code, digital wallet, digitalisation, biometrics, biometric authentication

BKN301 brings digital payments on taxis in Georgia

News | Mobile Payments | 30 May 2023

Fintech BKN301 has signed an agreement with the municipality of Tbilisi, Georgia to enable digital payments for taxi fares.

digital payments, QR code, QR payments, mobile payments, partnership

tippmee partners with Acquired.com to facilitate QR code taxi tipping

News | Online Payments | 25 May 2023

UK-based taxi and private hire tipping payment platform tippmee has partnered payments service provider Acquired.com to facilitate QR code taxi tipping. 

partnership, payments , fintech, digitalisation, expansion, QR code, PSP, digital wallet, digital payments, NFC

The future of e-payments in Southeast Asia: consolidation and interoperability

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 19 May 2023

2C2P founder and CEO, Aung Kyaw Moe, discusses how online payments have evolved from the 1990s, and how the maturing industry is headed towards increasing consolidation and interoperability.

online payments, ecommerce, reconciliation, online fraud, fraud management, fraud detection, identity fraud, fraud prevention, 3-D Secure, EMV, biometrics, QR code, QR payments, online security, cybersecurity, mobile payments, e-wallet, digital wallet

Akurateco partners with WorldCard for Pix integration

News | Payments General | 09 May 2023

White-label payment gateway provider Akurateco has announced its integration with Brazil-based payment method Pix through a partnership with WorldCard.

partnership, payment methods, payment gateway, API, QR code, mobile payments, transactions , PIX, expansion, bank transfer, PSP, merchants, ecommerce, payment processing, fintech, banking

Indonesia, Malaysia launch cross-border QR payment linkage

News | Payments General | 08 May 2023

Bank Indonesia (BI) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) have announced the commercial launch of Indonesia – Malaysia cross-border QR payment linkage for instant retail payments.

partnership, product launch, QR code, QR payments, DuitNow QR, QRIS, cross-border payments, instant payments, merchants, payment methods, fintech, financial inclusion, travel payments, retail, ecommerce, settlement, SMEs

CBK launches QR Code Standard to boost digital payment usage

News | Online Payments | 04 May 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has announced the launch and implementation of the Kenya QR Code Standard 2023 to increase the usage of digital payments.

product launch, payments , digital payments, digitalisation, QR code, QR payments, payment methods, PSP, banks, card scheme, fintech, financial services, banking, mobile money, POS, ecommerce, Issuer, financial inclusion