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BillingTree, TCN announce strategic integration partnership

News | Payments General | 29 Nov 2018

Payment solution provider BillingTree has announced a strategic integration partnership with TCN to streamline payment offerings for contact centers.

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BillingTree expands integration of SMS payments within Payrazr and CareView

News | Payments General | 16 Nov 2018

BillingTree has announced the expanded integration of text-based billing and payments within the CareView and Payrazr platforms.

BillingTree, SMS payments, Payrazr, CareView, smartphones, mobile payments

BillingTree rolls out payment card account updater for ARM industry

News | Cards | 19 Jul 2018

BillingTree has launched Payrazr Account Updater to supply refreshed cardholder data to streamline the billing cycle for both the agency and their consumers.

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Renkim joins Payrazr Marketplace to offer online billing services

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 24 May 2017

BillingTree has formed a partnership with Renkim offering Payrazr Marketplace and BillingTree clients paper/online billing services.

Renkim, Payrazr, Payrazr Marketplace, BillingTree, online billing, einvoicing

BillingTree omnichannel expanded by Worldpay US to Payrazr Marketplace

News | Online Payments | 24 Mar 2017

BillingTree has announced that Worldpay US, a payments processing technology and solutions provider, will expand its omnichannel payment solutions to its customer base with the Payrazr Marketplace.

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